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preserving in a sentence

1. Preserving fish became a sensation;

2. papyri preserving military documents;

3. Preserving Mr. Panmure (1912);

4. preserving the Polish language;

5. preserving water and meat on sea-voyages;

6. "Good grief, a Volvo worth preserving.

7. It is a structure-preserving language.

8. Preserving America’s Cultural Heritage;

9. 4. Preserving the Pacific Coast.

10. Preserving environments.

11. thus preserving his moral character.

12. and preserving housing.

13. preserving watershed lands in Georgia;

14. preserving their dignity;

15. preserving order and public safety;

16. preserving historic landmarks;

17. preserving or restoring passivity;

18. Y be an order-preserving map.

19. preserving ancient teachings;

20. preserving culture and tradition;

21. Biological convention preserving layout.

22. C. Information Gathering and Preserving.

23. and preserving cultural heritage.

24. Ann appears to be preserving the body.

25. Inflation Fighters Preserving Guide;

26. Preserving the Clouds" campaign.

27. All this aimed at preserving the crops.

28. preserving ancient teachings;

29. a "Vacola" preserving outfit;

30. while preserving their history.