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No. sentence
1 Neurological examination and neurophysiological testing confirmed the presence of thoracic myelopathy, which may have been due to the wire tethering the thoracic spinal cord to the dorsal dura.
2 Growth was held back in 2003 by extensive drought and the gradual winding down of the international presence.
3 They say that being indigenous doesn’t grant a species special rights to inhabit an ecosystem. Or mean that its presence is good for the environment.
4 Another attitude that invites the presence of God into our atmosphere is one that honors Him above all others.
5 It's also likely that your web presence is English language only, and you only receive patronage from English-speaking customers.
6 Palmer was driven to teaching and receiving handouts from the father-in-law who ridiculed and humiliated him in the presence of fellow artists.
7 George Macartney was sent to Peking by king George III to establish a permanent British presence and open up trade relations with China.
8 In Libya, he noted, the church is a church of "presence and witness," made up largely of foreigners.
9 The contract has to be signed in the presence of two witnesses.
10 But for now, he admits, "it doesn't have the same presence" as television.
11 Birds cry plaintively before they die, men speak kindly in the presence of death.
12 For example, XML stanzas are used within XMPP to communicate messages (text between IM users) as well as presence information.
13 He read off the names on the list in the headmaster's presence.
14 Satan must have occasionally crouched down in some corner of the hovel in which Thenardier dwelt, and have fallen a-dreaming in the presence of this hideous masterpiece.
15 If we think of happiness as an overarching emotional state that is created by the presence of other, positive emotions, the process of achieving happiness becomes less daunting.
16 But he was right to understand that Tolstoy's presence imposed certain ethical restrictions on Russian society.
17 The presence of ice on Mars is not a surprise, although the purity and extent of the buried ice sheets is.
18 Why, in its presence, should I deny the joy of living, as long as I know everything is not included in this joy?
19 In the very hedged language of the scientist, it means that conditions have been found that are consistent with the presence of that life.
20 Timid slaves seemed to find courage in her presence; no one ever betrayed her.
21 Your great name long since reached my ears like thunder. I am ashamed to show off my incompetence in the presence of an expert like yourself.
22 I tried to communicate with the people I saw. Some sensed my presence, but no one did anything about it.
23 presence of pathological myopia may affect how cataracts are diagnosed and treated.
24 It can detect the presence of people on the other side of a barrier by distortions to the reflected radio waves caused by their breathing or heartbeat.
25 Identifying the presence of brown fat is one thing, but activating it to burn more glucose is another.
26 Each tentacle has about 5, 000 stinging cells, which are triggered not by touch but by the presence of a chemical on the outer layer of its prey.
27 Unlike the Europeans, with their perfunctory, pith-helmeted explorations of the interior, the Arabs sought to establish a lasting trade presence in the region.
28 We think of relativity's effects on time as occurring at near light speeds or in the presence of crushing gravitational fields.
29 Without this data from the cosmic microwave background, we can still learn a whole lot about the Universe, including its age, the presence of dark matter and dark energy.
30 What about the next generation of air-traffic control systems that promise to use GPS satellites and radio transponders to warn all aircraft in a given area about the presence of others?