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prerogative in a sentence

1. This prerogative was denied to the Chinese traders.

2. are a prerogative of the federal government.

3. the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports's prerogative;

4. kingly duties; the royal prerogative;

5. a prerogative of the Attorney General) is now rare.

6. The profession is by no means a male prerogative.

7. a prerogative of Merovingian nobles—

8. The monarch owns such waifs by royal prerogative.

9. The 1941–42 season was the prerogative of Roma.

10. a prerogative court;

11. This is always the director's prerogative.

12. they circumscribed the royal prerogative.

13. Use of 49.3 is a strictly executive prerogative.

14. A "prerogative" is in effect an exclusive right.

15. Sentencing is the sole prerogative of judges.

16. This year appeared also Syon's Prerogative Royal;

17. Mr. E.. "My Prerogative" is a song by Bobby Brown.

18. A small treatise on the royal prerogative (Harl.

19. were a government prerogative since that time.

20. Regale in this context means a royal prerogative.

21. Present", and Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative".

22. An exercise of the prerogative lacks this quality;

23. Therefore, only a ruler has this prerogative.

24. It wasn't a storytelling prerogative.

25. The appointment is the prerogative of the monarch.

26. The little horn attempts to usurp that prerogative.

27. Say no is your prerogative.

28. That's your prerogative.

29. CREATE life is the prerogative of gods.

30. This was my prerogative and my choice.