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No. sentence
1 For example, he mentions a scientific paper that suggests that lichens, bacteria and the like may have been a driving force behind prehistoric geology and the formation of continents.
2 In Europe, prehistoric tribes sought shelter in caves and later constructed increasingly large and reverberant temples and churches.
3 I first came to North American in prehistoric times when I crossed the Bering Strait land bridge from Eurasia.
4 Scientists have unearthed the almost complete fossil skeleton of a prehistoric snake that preyed on baby dinosaurs.
5 When you reflect on how far we humans have come from the prehistoric caves to mind-blowing technological advancements, you would feel the power of imagination.
6 of the vegetarian dino-diet was probably horsetails, fern-like plants that were abundant in prehistoric swamps and highly nutritious, said the scientists.
7 prehistoric people of Asia preserved meat and fish by packing them in salt.
8 The Ainu settlers in Hokkaido are the last remnant of a prehistoric race.
9 After all, we seem to have killed off all our prehistoric competitors.
10 In prehistoric times, when food was so precious and the on-lookers so hungry, not to offer half of the little food one had was unthinkable, since every glance was a plea for life.
11 The frozen carcass turned out to be the most complete specimen of a prehistoric animal discovered.
12 to this ancient pagan site have keenly watched the night sky above Wiltshire since prehistoric times, an activity that continues to this day, despite the presence of nearby A roads.
13 As there was no evidence that hazardous waste was buried at the mine, investigators speculate that the source of dioxins may be natural, perhaps due to a prehistoric forest fire.
14 From the prehistoric gorges of Kakadu National Park, to the white sails of the Sydney Opera House, Australia is a country as big your imagination.
15 Of or relating to a prehistoric human culture widespread throughout north america from about12000to9000b. C. distinguished by sharp fluted projectile points made of chalcedony or obsidian.
16 The film adaptation was directed by Steven Spielberg and grossed more than $900m worldwide, breaking boundaries with its special effects depicting dinosaurs cloned from prehistoric DNA.
17 It's the most enigmatic pre-historic monument on earth.
18 If Numbers had been invented by some prehistoric genius, then learning how to use them would be a matter of intelligence and practice.
19 a sketch in which she insists she won't do another film unless it has prehistoric animals in it?
20 Therefore the first bird that evolved into what we would call a chicken, probably in prehistoric times, must have first existed as an embryo inside an egg.
21 Since prehistoric times, people have watched the moon waxing and waning through its phases.
22 Hence, there is no official record of "prehistoric" music.
23 Scientists say the diet of prehistoric humans probably required more chewing teeth.
24 According to a new theory, prehistoric man navigated his way across England using a similar system based on stone circles and other markers.
25 Us study on Monday found that Neanderthals, prehistoric Cousins of humans, ate grains and vegetables as well as meat, cooking them over fire in the same way homo sapiens did.
26 Five years ago, the United States Department of Homeland Security investigated what it considered a suspicious shipment from Thailand and found instead a prehistoric bone.
27 A us study on Monday found that Neanderthals, prehistoric Cousins of humans, ate grains and vegetables as well as meat, cooking them over fire in the same way homo sapiens did.
28 Scientists investigated male and female genetic markers from several thousand communities to study patterns of prehistoric language transmission.
29 The findings can also reveal which animals prehistoric humans and human ancestors ate.
30 Drawing (do not mix it with painting) is a particular type of visual art, stemming back to prehistoric times with their rock and cave drawings.