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1 Value: either dev, test, qa, or prod (this value is treated as prefix to the filename "login.properties" so you can use whatever values you like as long as you are consistent)?
2 In each case, use of the XML prefix means that they are in a namespace that is defined by default for every XML document.
3 You then can call the functions using standard function call syntax, by combining this prefix with the name of the method to be invoked.
4 The use of a default namespace avoids the need to explicitly prefix names from that namespace.
5 For simplicitly, we recommend you prefix the term cluster with high availability or scalability when discussing clusters with your customers, colleagues, and so on.
6 If the build system complains about an old version, you will need a newer one on your new GIMP prefix.
7 If you stick with the XSL prefix for your stylesheets, you can then discuss your deployment plans and consult XSLT books without the mental overhead of translating prefixes.
8 This saves you from having to add a prefix to each and every name test in your stylesheet.
9 If a user has neither a corresponding login nor a prefix of either the local computer name or the domain name, you receive a message for this user.
10 The second one declares that there is a default namespace for those elements that lack a prefix.
11 But, this has the same fundamental problem as the approach in the previous section, Pretending the prefix is significant.
12 If an element has a namespace prefix, it belongs to the namespace defined for that prefix; however, its child elements don't belong to the same namespace unless they are prefixed as well.
13 To facilitate reuse, prefix your iteration cycle with the something that identifies the major and minor releases to which the test cycle belongs.
14 Topic prefix name is a map, defining a set of prefixes and the URLs associated with these prefixes.
15 A UPC number consists of a Company Prefix and a Product number.
16 McDonald's has lost an 8-year lawsuit against Malaysian curry restaurant, McCurry. McDonald's argued that the "Mc" prefix constituted a trademark infringement.
17 The W3C USES a unique prefix for each vocabulary it defines.
18 The class names begin with a dot prefix.
19 If an attribute has no prefix, it has no namespace.
20 Another common mistake is to confuse a prefix with an identifier.
21 Since the namespace prefix is part of an attribute value in the WSDL case, some additional work is required.
22 purposes of this discussion, I prefix all query names with the short (unqualified) name of the domain class.
23 They use a prefix for these global configurations to indicate the overall priority of that configuration.
24 The best practice here is to use a given prefix for only one namespace throughout all XML documents in a system.
25 However, the three-digit area code and three-digit prefix of phone numbers in the United States cannot start with a zero or a one (because both are prefixes for nonlocal calls).
26 In Listing 5, the code using this resolver USES the new prefix.
27 Project administrators can view project properties and modify the name, prefix, and description for the project.
28 this package, all files start with a prefix that indicates the section that covers them and the order of examples within the section.
29 If there is no Creative Commons content elsewhere in the document, it is not necessary to add the prefix to the entire document.
30 domain prefix is not used, independent of the user registry type.