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1 Each of these figures, in many ways, prefigure the relatively superior natures of those who come later in the dialogue.
2 His paintings prefigure the development of perspective in Renaissance art.
3 The metal's price movements are widely believed to prefigure shifts in the world economy.
4 metal's price movements are widely believed to prefigure shifts in the world economy.
5 There are also letters on the spine of each book; these letters do not indicate or prefigure what the pages will say.
6 This architecture is a symbol of a continuous exchange of ideas and intercultural relations, an interplay of Spaces and volumes that reflect, prefigure, and narrate a new future.
7 These early paintings clearly prefigure his Later work .
8 Evolutionary tactics aim to prefigure what an anarchist society would be like.
9 See for example this 11th-century Christian altar engraved with Abraham's and other sacrifices taken to prefigure that of Christ in the Eucharist.
10 However, his greatest praise is reserved for Plato, whose apophatic views of God prefigure Christianity.
11 The religion of this period included worship of a Great male god, which is compared to a proto-Shiva, and probably a Mother Goddess, that may prefigure Shakti.
12 In the Epistle to the Hebrews, Abraham's willingness to follow God's command to sacrifice Isaac is used as an example of faith as is Isaac's action in blessing Jacob and Esau with reference to the future promised by God to Abraham In verse 19, the author views the release of Isaac from sacrifice as analogous to the resurrection of Jesus, the idea of the sacrifice of Isaac being a prefigure of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.
13 Ancient Greek atomists like Leucippus, Democritus and Epicurus prefigure later materialists.
14 Some of the elements and themes briefly discussed prefigure later fiction concerning genetic engineering and alien life forms.