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1 One commenter linked to an article from early this month about a Danish expert in radio antennas who predicted that touching the antenna would affect reception.
2 But when we started quantifying their absorption, we realized that more light could be absorbed than predicted by the wire-packing fraction alone.
3 With provisioning of new tenants, we can create one more virtual shard and map it to the same predicted physical shards or more physical shards.
4 Mondays weren't as depressing as people thought and Fridays and Saturdays weren't as exciting as people predicted.
5 Boveri likened some of the resulting malformed embryos to tumors and, in 1914, predicted that gains or losses of specific chromosomes would initiate cancer.
6 The earthquake had been predicted several days before.
7 She delivered exactly when the doctor predicted she would.
8 telegraph may not affect magazine literature, nor those newspapers that have some peculiar characteristic," he predicted.
9 Karzai is still favored to garner the most votes in the first round of voting, but analysts have predicted that the growing challenge from Abdullah and Ghani could force a second round.
10 In my first book, "war at the Top of the World," I predicted the two Asian giants would go to war over their Himalayan border, Burma and sea control.
11 Initially the scrub-jays behaved as predicted, choosing to stow away the second food, which they had not just eaten.
12 Researchers have used ultraprecise clocks to show that time flies faster for your nose than for your navel—an effect predicted by the famed physicist's theory of relativity.
13 These dwarfs had long been predicted to exist, but they have only recently been spotted in space.
14 Here I am opposing the holy brotherhood of climate model experts and the crowd of deluded citizens who believe the Numbers predicted by the computer models.
15 Who could have predicted that within ten years hed be in charge of the whole company?
16 He correctly predicted that invading Iraq with too few troops would lead to chaos.
17 So this is my predicted period.
18 Decades ago, Esperanto enthusiasts predicted it would become the world's universal language.
19 A WEEK after the arrest of Ratko Mladic, the echoes of those who instantly predicted all things bright and beautiful for the Balkans are dying away.
20 WEEK after the arrest of Ratko Mladic, the echoes of those who instantly predicted all things bright and beautiful for the Balkans are dying away.
21 And it would allow them to capitalize on the predicted mass migration of users from PCs to mobile devices.
22 These phases should show up as tiny variations in the intensity of the observed light, researchers have predicted.
23 The goal was based on the trend observed up until then, but no one could have predicted the massive increase of HIV, particularly in southern Africa.
24 researchers compared those measurements with depths predicted by models and then analyzed the results using a new hypothesis about the flow of heat within the mantle.
25 As the scientists' models predicted, the cages quickly grew darker over time.
26 His remarks raised fears of a harder economic landing for Britain than predicted and helped push sterling to new lows against the euro.
27 As predicted, patients without phantom-limb pain showed activity in the hand area of the motor cortex.
28 The invasion and reconstruction of Iraq was not as easy as some supporters predicted it would be.
29 He further predicted that every elementary particle with a spin has its counterpart with the same mass but opposite electric charge, or that a particle has an antiparticle.
30 he predicted.