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predation in a sentence

1. They are also at less risk of predation.

2. predation is after all a two-edged sword.

3. however, this predation is generally rare.

4. Crinoids are relatively free from predation.

5. These plates also protect against predation.

6. Predation does not appear significant.

7. Many losses are due to predation.

8. Predation from higher animals also occurs;

9. They are subject to predation by lions.

10. avoid predation.

11. Predation rates can be extremely high;

12. predation by domestic and feral cats;

13. predation appears to be a factor.

14. but such predation is considered likely.

15. Predation by rats and cats is a threat.

16. 9. The nature of predation.

17. 10. The population dynamics of predation.

18. Organisms also burrow to avoid predation.

19. Balsamorhiza sagittata insect predation.

20. Balsamorhiza sagittata insect predation.

21. and predation by introduced organisms.

22. 3. disease or predation;

23. Another threat is predation.

24. Predation by Stagmomantis domingensis

25. Predation can be high for pinyon jays;

26. „ Preventing predation when feasible.

27. The main cause is predation.

28. however, it presents issues with predation.

29. These may aid in agility and predation.

30. a firm is guilty of predation is difficult.