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1 As chemical precursors stream onto the surface of a rolling metal or plastic substrate, they react with one another to form a network of nanoparticles.
2 But this study is the first to experimentally show that optical precursors exist at the single-photon level, and that they are the fastest part of the single-photon wave packet.
3 So what are today's precursors? I think there's just one: the ubiquitous web.
4 When tested in Petri dishes, the new molecules were as good as their precursors.
5 I think you can see why Areopagitica has been memorialized for centuries now as one of the central precursors, well, to a number of things.
6 Finally, phagocyte precursors may undergo malignant transformation, which results in acute or chronic myelogenous leukemia.
7 Then they grew human mesenchymal stem cells - the precursors of bone, muscle and many other tissue types - on the gels.
8 You can also induce the cells by using compounds called precursors to produce other new compounds by way of biotransformation.
9 The atoms had an effect called electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT), which enabled the scientists to separate the single-photon precursors from the main wave packet.
10 The variation from pink to brown not only helps to prevent sunburn but also allows appropriate amounts of sunlight to penetrate the skin to create the vitamin D3 from its inactive precursors.
11 This very low base-rate means that any precursors of a quake would have to be incredibly reliable if decision-makers are to feel safe in using them to order mass evacuations.
12 The precursors of cancer-causing compounds can also be reduced by microwaving the meat for a few minutes and pouring off the juices before cooking it on the grill.
13 Rough estimates suggest that any useful quake forecast method demands precursors that will prove correct 98 per cent of the time.
14 T-cell precursors then go to the thymus, a small organ located under the breastbone, where they are called early thymic progenitors (ETPs).
15 So what are today's precursors?
16 But the release of NPY can stimulate the reproduction of cells that are precursors to fat cells.
17 Still, he suggests it will not be long before users see built-in translation tools and possibly an English-language interface, the necessary precursors to global expansion.
18 Discussion of precursors to XML file formats usually include comma-delimited file formats, which are very often used for import and export of spreadsheets and databases.
19 But one of Milton's projects in Paradise Lost is to effect his forgetting of all of his literary precursors.
20 It's not clear when the onset is so I study pre-school age children with the intent of trying to identify behavioral and emotional precursors that will later evolve into chronic depression.
21 doubt, the United States is exhibiting some of the classic precursors to out-of-control inflation.
22 Pap smears work by detecting abnormal cells that are cancer precursors and that can be destroyed using techniques like lasers and cryotherapy or, rarely, surgery.
23 Specifically, the cells in question were the ones responsible for making the precursors of dopamine, a signalling molecule with a well-established role in generating the sensation of pleasure.
24 Not all massive earthquakes give warning shots like foreshocks, and even when they do, those may only be identified as precursors to something bigger in hindsight.
25 is up to us, over these two days and in the work that follows, to show that words are precursors to action.
26 Minoru Freund believes other earthquake "precursors" could feed into this system.
27 Tests showed that heating this mixture with microwaves was about 90 percent efficient at creating precursors to fuel-which beats tossing the oil down the drain.
28 As the fleet ages, there's an increasing need for embedded wireless strain sensors capable of detecting and tracking accumulated strains — "precursors" to crack initiation, according to the official.
29 The precursors of kinetics and hydrogeochemistry observed in several Wells on Tianshan seismic zone around Zesong earthquake are described in this paper.
30 focused on the change of DMS and its precursors during mashing, and the effect of mashing variable on the DMS of wort.