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prearticular bones in a sentence

1. They differ from the cryptobranchids by having fused prearticular bones in the lower jaw, and by using internal fertilisation.

2. The lower jaw elements behind the dentary (the splenial, surangular, angular, and prearticular bones) were distinct from those of other therizinosaurs, being gracile and linear, and contributing to the hind part of the hemimandible being elongate and almost rectangular.

3. In snakes, the articular, surangular, and prearticular bones have fused to form the compound bone.

4. The articular bone at the back of the mandible was completely fused with the surangular and prearticular bones.

5. They differ from suborder Cryptobranchoidea as the angular and prearticular bones in their lower jaws are fused, and all members use internal fertilization.

6. The angular and prearticular bones are long with the splenial almost as long as the dentary.