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1 She discusses the implications of this cultural phenomenon in light of the concepts of performativity and la parole that deepens our appreciation of the communicative praxis of ethnography.
2 You'll have to leave Praxis and remain incommunicado for a time.
3 This paper dissertates the off campus praxis sites impact on cultivating the students innovative spirit and their practicing ability, and on implementing the education of overall quality.
4 Marry ceremony all the praxis impersonates good luck of nuptial article to decorate.
5 this paper offers a review of empirical case studies on Chinese migratory labour in Singapore, where the causality of labour re- socialisation is examined in praxis.
6 to 20 years concentrated research on this topic, the content of the philosophy of praxis is revealed from multiple directions and the multi-dimensional comprehensions and views are formed.
7 The research for WPO design has not only the important value of theory but also the praxis significance of increasing product quality and product efficiency.
8 Translation study undergoes a turning point from praxis philosophy to rational philosophy.
9 In more traditional engineering disciplines, this way of expressing structural relationships has been standard operating praxis for a very long time.
10 To research it has great theory value and praxis function using for reference.
11 Praxis is not only the body of social ontology, but also the body of aesthetics, beauty and art.
12 development of economics indicates the transformation of philosophical paradigm from classical philosophy to praxis, culture and the living world.
13 Here the advantage of praxis over general theories is apparent.
14 according to Mark Schill of Praxis Strategy Group, the U.S. workforce is expected to grow by 37%.
15 tradition of Praxis philosophy is established by Aristotle.
16 But the praxis of dispute did not achieve the response of theory.
17 Man's "praxis" includes not only activity but also objectivity, and it is the ontological foundation of man as the historical subject and environment as the historical object.
18 The tradition of Praxis philosophy can be traced back to the Greek master Aristotle.
19 There are three different views about Marxist theory of ontology in contemporary Chinese Marxist studies: ontology of matter, ontology of praxis and ontology of social being.
20 modern rehabilitation of philosophy of praxis happens in the context of the universal crisis of philosophy.
21 Gramsci s "the philosophy of praxis" has widespread and profound influence in the world, and has now become an upsurge for scholars from home and abroad.
22 Political participation is a most important symbol of political modernization, but the praxis of the gap of knowledge hampers citizen to participate in politics.
23 studying the communication in the dimension of history, Marx expounded that praxis is the foundation of communication, which is the product of human productive labor.
24 birth and development of the Olympic mascot represents the "turn to culture" in theory and praxis.
25 consciousness equaled to praxis. The proletarian consciousness was the real motive of history.
26 Marxist ontology of praxis is the one of the theory of existence, which takes the human existence itself as the target, thus opened a way to know the reality from ontological view.
27 the other hand, it also shows that it has much theory value and praxis meaning to research Chinese family business.
28 Practical philosophy should deal with concrete and historical praxis, but not abstract activity of idea.
29 Gramsci hot" has arisen at home and abroad, Gramsci's "the Philosophy of Praxis" became the key research.
30 from the difference between Phenomenon and Thing itself, Kant divides human praxis into "technological-practical" action and "moral-practical" action.