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No. sentence
1 Together, "he said," they huddled in foxholes or crouched in the bloody sands... Together they practiced virtue, patriotism, love of country, love of you and of me.
2 With one swift swing of its intimidating weapon, the Giant splintered two nearby trees, whipping the improvised flail about with practiced control.
3 little grizzly bears bopped each other over the head and even tried to bite one another with their tiny teeth as they practiced their fighting skills.
4 Scientists have ideas about science, not poetry - unless they have also practiced at the craft of poetry.
5 I also want to thank my classmates. I practiced speaking with them at college. This prize means a lot to me. I'm really grateful to them and to everyone who helped me throughout the years.
6 At MIT, the arts are widely practiced, performed, and celebrated - in corridors and classrooms, on stage and in the studio.
7 Their argument was that Temple sacrifices were an innovation and had no basis in the authentic Law of Moses, and Jesus was sent to restore the Torah as Moses had practiced it.
8 If you haven't practiced your alibi in front of the mirror... you ain't been in love.
9 On a recent Friday evening, the teenagers made their way across the studio floor — sagging from decades of jumps and lunges — as they practiced Chinese lion dancing.
10 Feast of Seven Fishes originated in southern Italy and is practiced today by many Italian American families.
11 Today I practiced and went to the gym.
12 of the island’s most popular cultural attractions is the Kalokoeli Fishpond, where ancient Hawaiians once practiced a remarkably sophisticated form of aquaculture.
13 Have you or your team practiced Agile without intending to do so?
14 I practiced my speech in front of a video monitor, did a walk-through of how it would be staged, received instruction on where to stand, where to wave, and how to best use the microphones.
15 However, the product manuals still document the TO. convention and it is therefore likely to remain widely practiced for some time to come.
16 The children could also generalize their speech production to words that were not practiced during the therapy.
17 By contrast, Dweck describes a growth mindset, which assumes intelligence and all the qualities for which a person could aspire, are things to be practiced and cultivated.
18 Without centralized access and control, consistent policies and processes cannot be practiced among all stakeholders.
19 In addition to preparing our speeches, we made campaign posters, and practiced cheering for our candidates.
20 Dan Nainan practiced his jokes relentlessly, promoted himself on the Internet, and performed when he had the chance.
21 Training requires learning the graceful and powerful kicking, punching and blocking techniques practiced in traditional sets.
22 Her father, Sun Mingxun, was a devoted disciple of the great educator Tao Xingzhi and diligently practiced Tao's "life education" philosophy.
23 importance of the discovery of this document is hard to overestimate because it's just a great, great document for seeing how early Christians actually practiced their liturgy.
24 He reached back in a practiced gesture to smooth down his ponytail, as if he were petting a cat or a ferret.
25 Siddhartha, the founder of Buddhism, practiced yogic meditation, which is still a central part of Buddhism today.
26 Jeffs said his church has practiced polygamy for five generations and believes it is the will of God, who is a higher power than courts, state legislatures and the U.S. Congress.
27 In Scotland, wild camping is legal in most cases when practiced well away from property and roads.
28 he considered himself the true ruler of Egypt as well, the rightful heir to the spiritual traditions practiced by pharaohs such as Ramses II and Thutmose III.
29 But he bought a bicycle for his birthday and practiced riding every evening.
30 four types of writing — narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive — will be introduced and practiced by students on topics of their choice.