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No. sentence
1 I have not any power in the firm except to recommend.
2 They divested the president of all his power.
3 The submarine is driven by nuclear power.
4 Though hobbled by strokes and blindness, he now grinned from ear to ear at the prospect of power.
5 Falling trees blacked out several electric power lines.
6 If they try to make us leave the house, we will fight back with all the power at our command.
7 Those resources can displace nuclear power.
8 Disconnect the power source from the computer before opening the back.
9 The rest of us see our purchasing power eaten away by rising prices for gasoline, cereal, bread, and a lot more.
10 Only the mighty God has the power on this dark land to lighten it.
11 When the device is switched on the nanotubes carry an electric current with a power of about 300 microwatts.
12 While they can hardly be called secrets, for some reason people either do not understand or they underestimate the power of these ideas.
13 It used to be clear that the ruling classes had the wealth, authority and power while those underneath did not.
14 of Penang, for instance, has wide roads, a steady stream of university science graduates, an efficient power supply and a modern airport from which goods are flown around the world.
15 It is within my power.
16 politicians jockeyed about in order to establish relative power within the party.
17 The effect of their use depends on how you use the power within you.
18 within "Money and Power" there should be new answers.
19 Every one of us has the magic power of empowering other people simply by generously giving praise and showing encouragement instead of criticism to help them realize their potential.
20 Their power extends beyond the seas.
21 From there you feed electricity into the grid and you can access any power outlet and feed your battery.
22 Future of Power" is a grand title for a book with an essentially modest ambition-but one that contains a fundamental lesson, nonetheless.
23 His paintings are seething with raw power and energy, but they also have a dark beauty.
24 She and her ugly daughter came to the castle when the queen had a little baby, and one of them pretended to be a nurse, and at last got the mother and child into their power.
25 Power was vital to him, the power to make his public laugh and cry and love him for it-better still, to see them do it at his famous public readings.
26 But only the biggest power firms have the financial muscle required to do this.
27 They'll be that power couple; they'll be fulfilled, happy, and living on purpose, they'll be a sign, pointing the way, to what marriage should be.
28 The old king returned to power after ten years' banishment.
29 Power snack at your computer.
30 Have an afternoon power snack.