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pouched in a sentence

1. The pouched frog (Assa darlingtoni) lays eggs on the ground.

2. Pouched frog (Assa darlingtoni) camouflaged against leaf litter.

3. It is also home to the rare Pouched Frog.

4. There are three very different genera of pouched rats.

5. Subfamily Cricetomyinae - pouched rats.

6. The name "pouched rat" refers to their large cheek pouches.

7. Ben, in the 2003 remake of Willard, was a Gambian pouched rat.

8. Females with pouched joeys had been found between June and December.

9. "Marsupialia, or pouched animals /".

10. the two canned or pouched main meals are issued separately.

11. It is related to Cricetomys gambianus, the Gambian pouched rat.

12. The labellum has a pouched base and its tip has two lobes.

13. APOPO trains Giant pouched rats from East Africa to detect landmines.

14. Its scientific name means "beautiful-tailed pouched-weasel".

15. The trained pouched rats are called HeroRATS.

16. Tucked inside is the pouched white flower.

17. Between the bracts appear pouched, fuzzy purplish or pink flowers.

18. Between the bracts emerge dull yellow pouched flowers.

19. Between the bracts bloom the pale to bright yellow pouched flowers.

20. Between the bracts emerge pouched dull reddish flowers.

21. The trained pouched rats are called HeroRATS.

22. The boss pouched all the money.

23. She wears a dress pouched over a belt.

24. She pouched her lips at her father's words.

25. health had pouched the loose flesh under his eyes.

26. Studies suggest that the Gambian pouched rat can do better.

27. He pouched the pack of cigarettes.

28. Each tool should be pouched so that it can be readily reached.

29. She pouched the cloth.

30. should be pouched so that it can be readily reached.