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1 In some environments, the use of utilities like RSH have been banned because of the potential security exposure.
2 depositors had formed outside BEA's head office to withdraw their money as rumors swirled of the bank's potential exposure to other failed financial firms.
3 the potential to test the entire application on every run, which increases the chances of finding bugs in unrelated sections of the code.
4 Vesuvius is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes, as large populations lie in the path of potential eruptions.
5 Many of the bird groups with the most rapid declines in the last 40 years inhabit areas with the greatest potential for energy development.
6 But with so many bacteria - hundreds of different species can inhabit your skin alone - how can we begin to master this chemical language to examine its medical potential?
7 When you talk more your potential employer can better understand what you're thinking and if you're giving the right answers to his questions, he might give you the job as well.
8 Every one of us has the magic power of empowering other people simply by generously giving praise and showing encouragement instead of criticism to help them realize their potential.
9 These task force nominees were reviewed for potential conflicts of interest, approved by the APA Board of Trustees, and announced in 2007.
10 Don't say, "This is just who I am (accept me for me), I just happen to be 'very controlling,' etc." If you do, you will keep on attracting below your potential.
11 Tsai has three young children, but his days are spent with his players, with potential donors and at the construction site where a new county stadium is being built.
12 Certainly, once a police agency or a detective sees a couple of successful cases, they're convinced that there is some potential value to their investigation with this work.
13 Mesa foods, a manufacturer of snack foods that currently markets its products within a relatively small region of the country, has strong growth potential.
14 All seven of these ISP investments have various risk and potential investment returns.
15 Yunlong Sag is a favorable prospecting area in Chuxiong Basin, SW China, and it is essential to research its thermal history for comprehending the exploration potential of the whole sag.
16 the other hand, when we construct autonomous robots, I bet we give up some of their potential adaptability in exchange for preventing them from going off on their own beyond our full control.
17 Think real estate, Internet marketing, lawyers, entrepreneurs, health, etc. These are all potential clients for you.
18 Essentially, all of those behind this site believe it to be a tragedy that, in a world of need, any potential for partnership be lost.
19 Clearly, the pursuit of product for the would-be oppressors or slaughterers would be considered a negative product, or detriment, by the potential oppressed.
20 The pioneering plants in the area known as The Geysers highlighted the promise of geothermal energy, internal heat from the Earth with vastly greater energy potential than that of fossil fuels.
21 With backing from such companies, it shows that there is strong potential in the market to revolutionize how mobile gaming will become if these trends become reality in 2010.
22 What really gives this technology huge potential though, is that it is being developed for deployment on all the major Smartphone platforms simultaneously.
23 that tells me what the potential should be here.
24 The printing of parts and products has the potential to transform manufacturing because it lowers the costs and risks.
25 This is a region in transition, there is massive potential there for it to go right and for it to go badly wrong.
26 When we think about human potential, we often think about our cognitive abilities: our capacity for rational thought is what distinguishes us from animals.
27 But we have been reusing the same best practices for so long, and the underlying model has drifted so far, that the difference represents significant potential risk.
28 cash element of any alternative bid would be of key interest, as would the synergistic and strategic potential if equity were proposed as part of the offer.
29 Although calling people to repent, Smith's creed reflected contemporary American optimism in its emphasis on humanity's inherent goodness and limitless potential for progress.
30 system also has the potential to use the compact engine as an electrical power source to further reduce the battery burden of dismounted soldiers, which can be as high as 11kg.