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1 The CMB, a mostly random pattern, is notoriously open to so-called a posteriori observations-that is, you can see in it what you want to see.
2 Kripke's view on the priori contingent and the posteriori necessary propositions is a development and concretization of Quine's view on analytical and synthetic propositions.
3 expected value principle to compute the pure premium, introducing risk factors into the bonus-malus system to calculate the posteriori premium of varied policy-holders.
4 An algorithm of SAR image denoising in nonsubsampled contourlet transform (NSCT) domain based on maximum a posteriori (MAP) and non-local (NL) restriction is proposed.
5 Thus the cosmos cannot be a necessary form of existence; and so it has to be approached by a posteriori investigation.
6 correct formulation is, usually, not as transparant and elementary as the original one – its significance is seen only a posteriori when the problem is eventually solved.
7 Following the model where code can be refined a posteriori akin to some substance in some industrial process will generally bring few benefits.
8 Either the maximum likelihood estimate or the maximum a posteriori estimate may be used in place of the exact value in the above equations.
9 There was no longer any question of discovering a posteriori laws of social change.
10 Philosophers call these statements empirical or a posteriori truths, meaning true after experience.
11 Bayesian is one kind of method of posteriori probability obtained from priori probability according to new information.
12 The method is to derive the maximum a posteriori estimate of the regions and the boundaries by using Bayesian inference and neighborhood constraints based on Markov random fields(MRFs) models.
13 The method is to derive the maximum a posteriori estimate of the regions and the boundaries by using Bayesian inference and neighborhood constraints based on Markov random fields (MRFs) models.
14 A posteriori probability analysis method was proposed based on a parallel optimization algorithm, and applied to quantitative analysis of matched inversion results.
15 maximum a posteriori framework is created according to conditional random field model and Markov random field model.
16 Methods: Based on Markov random fields model of noise, a iteration algorithm was presented by using maximum a posteriori (MAP) criterion.
17 To solve the effect of channel changes on the performance of speaker identification system, apply the method of maximum a posteriori to specific channel compensation.
18 posteriori error estimates serve as a key to realize the adaptive finite element computation.
19 To solve the problem of poor resolution in passive millimeter wave (PMMW) imaging, we present an improved maximum a posteriori (MAP) super-resolution algorithm.
20 The location disparity was estimated based on maximum a posteriori criterion.
21 Finally, some numerical experiments were presented on the adapted meshes with a posteriori error estimate as criterion.
22 The posteriori error estimators in the collocation method for integral equation eigenvalue problem with a weakly singular kernel are presented.
23 My research concentrates on discretization of model optimal control problem , development of the posteriori error estimator and designment of efficient solver for discrete optimal control problem.
24 We use Bayesian maximum a posteriori estimation training a speaker model from background model, to solve the problem of model miss matching in speaker verification system.
25 For speaker identification, Expectation Maximization Algorithm (EM) is adopted to train speaker dependent model, and afterwards recognize speaker according to Maximum a Posteriori Criterion (MAP).
26 A maximum a posteriori estimation approach is used to evaluate the optimal values for the estimates of the parameters.
27 Examples based on synthetic data show that posteriori probability analysis for matched field inversion can be conducted effectively by the proposed parallel optimization algorithm.
28 The segmentation problem is the maximizing a posteriori estimation of the set of object area result from the watershed labeled.
29 However, this definition has the same shortcomings as the definition based on anti-authoritarianism (which is an a posteriori conclusion), anti-statism (anarchism is much more than that) and etymology (which is simply a negation of a ruler).
30 However, although Apollonius came close to developing analytic geometry, he did not manage to do so since he did not take into account negative magnitudes and in every case the coordinate system was superimposed upon a given curve a posteriori instead of a priori.