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No. sentence
1 I bundled up those books and took them to the post.
2 He loves the South and hopes to remain in this post for a while. But, he says, finding a nice Jewish girl in Mississippi isn't easy.
3 Please post up this advertisement for our concert in your shop window.
4 The natural changes in carbohydrate composition that occur during maturation and post harvest ripening of plant foods is therefore of particular interest to food chemists.
5 When I kicked the football against the post, it bounced back.
6 Post Office will dispatch the letters by the next post.
7 You have to accustom yourself gradually to the different hours of work that your new post entails.
8 The post compliance manual shall prescribe the business operation procedure and norms of each post.
9 Raising machine is one kind of equipment of textile post - disposing, also named as fluffing machine or fuzzing machine.
10 Soon they assigned him to a new post.
11 Reflecting the new mood, the headline on the front of the Washington Post today was "Signs of revival in retail, banks".
12 Penang island is known as "the Pearl of the Orient." it was once an important trading post for Britain's East India Company in 18th and 19th centuries.
13 If this post helped you, please share the content with your tribe!
14 Consider today's online world. The Usenet, a worldwide bulletin board, allows anyone to post messages across the nation.
15 The survey was promoted through eclipse.org, Eclipse Foundation newsgroup, a blog post on PlanetEclipse and a few tweets during April 14 and May 15, 2009.
16 The investigation into unauthorised Apple stores in Kunming was brought about when an American living in the city published a blog post describing a visit to one such shop.
17 During the long term life practice, The Chuxiong Yi nationality has created various, original, flowery, elegant and colorful design patterns by the way of twine, embroider and post etc.
18 I pass the post office on my way to school.
19 The chief engineer who was forced to resign last week has been restored to his post.
20 She sent weekly parcels, thoroughly packed for fear of damage in the post, of cigarettes and sweets and clippings from the Irish newspapers.
21 Tumbling head over heels in the asphodel meadows like brown paper parcels pitched down a shoot in the post office!
22 we had all zeroed in our guns on the enemy post, we opened fire.
23 hotel is opposite the post office.
24 post office classify mail according to places it is to go.
25 The post office got behind in delivering Christmas mail.
26 The post office centralizing the town celebrated its 20th anniversary yesterday.
27 Often, though this is not required, they also post photographs of themselves.
28 Thots application serves as a diary or a personal journal where you can post random thoughts to it.
29 Write out some goals and post them.
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