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poses in a sentence

1. Tomalin poses as a customer.

2. Eve then poses as a reporter;

3. This poses a dilemma.

4. people in namaste poses;

5. Only Ares poses a threat.

6. Tetanus poses a further risk.

7. Some are set in poses;

8. It poses no risk to the subject.

9. Access poses a challenge.

10. This poses a threat to motorists.

11. Bushfire clearly poses no threat;

12. Hypothermia poses a smaller risk.

13. it poses a major problem.

14. Blitz poses in the central hub.

15. Mary poses as a slave to spy.

16. First the user poses a question.

17. Poses may refer to:

18. Nichols poses a high escape risk.

19. each poses its own difficulties.

20. Poses declined the offer.

21. He poses as Commodore Brown.

22. Tetanus poses a further risk.

23. Frankel poses nude for PETA.

24. He poses as a doctor.

25. It poses several health risks.

26. Pignato poses a flight risk.

27. it only poses questions.

28. It poses several health risks.

29. It poses a safety hazard.

30. But this poses its own problems.