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No. sentence
1 The new product jumped into popularity.
2 Sichuan spicy diced chicken, Henan stewed noodles and Yue dishes... they maybe not elegant and honorable, while they have won great popularity.
3 But Dali's rising popularity is creating a dilemma: how long can this modern Shangri-La remain a place to get away from it all?
4 They are respected for their piety, discipline and resilience, but estimates of their popularity hover around 20% and have been falling.
5 In China, tennis remains an elite sport, running far behind basketball, soccer and others in popularity.
6 All this activity is a reaction to the growing popularity of video communication.
7 Soccer and baseball have more fans, but no other sport has increased in popularity so quickly over the past 30 years than has basketball.
8 Equity's popularity waxed and waned over the next 300 years or so, soaring with the South Sea and Mississippi bubbles, then slumping, after both burst in 1720.
9 He derided its proponents as "half-scientist... half-charlatan", decried their "indefensible" conceptual basis, and ascribed their popularity to "extraordinary" American credulity.
10 But the popularity of the European Championship far surpasses any football event every stage before in the country.
11 MAY have owed his election as President to the popularity of alvaro Uribe, whom he served as defence minister. But Juan Manuel Santos has his own priorities.
12 The story had an extensive popularity among American readers.
13 It should not be selected on the basis of its popularity.
14 A groundbreaking study of popularity by a Michigan State University scientist has found that genes elicit not only specific behaviors but also the social consequences of those behaviors.
15 Evie climbed 46 places in five years to 15th place last year and Leona tripled in popularity, perhaps after The X Factor winner Leona Lewis.
16 Because despite the popularity of games on the Net, we must admit that there are still many proposals for adventure, almost 50% of the time.
17 One tactic that's gaining popularity is to attack what is usually the slowest part of the data transfer chain: the hard drive.
18 I have people teaching, kids are learning, so I take this as an advantage, the popularity and taking that and putting it into good things, which motivated me to work harder," he said.
19 Sandel's popularity in Asia reflects the intersection of three trends.
20 Her response will be to try to preserve her popularity but fend off pressure for policies she sees as economically senseless.
21 One way to measure the popularity of an online service is the public's reaction to its downtime.
22 The operators were accused of profiting from adverts that made them money due to the popularity of infringing movies, music and software to which they were providing a gateway.
23 If you are a USA florist exchange banner ads with a Canadian florist. This helps users who need to send international flowers and it also helps to boost your link popularity which everyone loves.
24 Soda, though declining in popularity, is still an American staple, and don't forget that both companies also make a plethora of non-soda beverages.
25 The newspaper said he believed he was the victim of a plot to ruin him at the apex of his popularity.
26 With his popularity languishing near an all-time low, he may gain nothing from sticking firmly to his plans despite the howl of protests, but he has almost nothing to lose either.
27 She traces a decline in the tone of public debate to the rise in popularity of the rightwing Progress party, which at the beginning of the year was nearing 30% support in polls.
28 Despite the popularity of the Internet among the over 50s, print newspapers and magazines are still their preferred source for news.
29 shows of middling popularity, including many scripted dramas and comedies, life is harder.
30 Whether it be in melodramas, comedies or kungfu movies, the popularity of women lead roles was unprecedented.