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political sciences in a sentence

1. pol. (economic and political sciences, also as Dr. rer.

2. Political Sciences from 1984–87, gaining a BA Hons.

3. Political Sciences, Medicine, and Theology.

4. Faculty of Political Sciences Gulhane Building.

5. Law, Social and Political Sciences;

6. He graduated in Political Sciences.

7. She also studied Political Sciences in France.

8. engineering, social and political sciences;

9. Political Sciences, Medicine, and Theology.

10. Political Sciences and Education &

11. Humanities; Law and Political Sciences;

12. Political Sciences.

13. He studied at the Tehran School of Political Sciences.

14. Political Sciences.

15. Political Sciences.

16. political Sciences, Literature &

17. He studied Economics and political sciences in Athens.

18. social and political sciences;

19. african journal of political sciences.

20. He holds a doctorate degree in political sciences.

21. Series: Political sciences, etc.

22. Political Sciences.

23. Sadegh Zibakalam, Faculty of Political Sciences.

24. Henry earned a degree in Law and Political Sciences.

25. Department of Political Sciences.

26. He then went to France to study Political Sciences.

27. law, law & political sciences, Dutch &

28. Store is a Master of Political Sciences by education.

29. He has a MSc degree in political sciences.

30. Mandziy is a Candidate of Political Sciences.