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political reforms in a sentence

1. These primarily concerned political reforms and land allocation issues.

2. Political reforms were eventually introduced.

3. No political reforms were announced as part of the package.

4. The banquets resulted in calls for political reforms and a constitution.

5. Once back in the palace, Cixi implemented sweeping political reforms.

6. The new emperor initiated several radical social and political reforms.

7. As Emir, Hamad brought several political reforms to Bahrain.

8. This then used by Catholics seeking further political reforms.

9. The miners' demands for economic and political reforms were rejected.

10. In his inaugural address, Gayoom promised various political reforms.

11. Vyner Brooke instituted significant political reforms during his tenure.

12. Despite this, she looked for other ways to achieve her political reforms.

13. It called for political reforms and a constitution.

14. -no political reforms.

15. Radical economical and political reforms were demanded by the protesters.

16. After Lord Durham's Report political reforms followed the rebellions.

17. Political reforms were eventually introduced.

18. He fought for radical social, educational and political reforms in China.

19. turnaround) and promised political reforms.

20. Advance Democratic and Political Reforms.

21. however its leader Ali Salman demanded political reforms.

22. The set of political reforms approved consisted of the following:

23. however Al Wefaq leader Ali Salman did demand political reforms.

24. There were no civil wars, no public works, no political reforms.

25. Tang Yijie supported political reforms in China.

26. First, it sowed the seeds of economic and political reforms.

27. The political reforms proposed included.

28. Paasio's cabinet made lot of political reforms;

29. Political reforms were finally put in place after a period of 5 months.

30. as well as King Mohammed VI offered political reforms.