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polar areas in a sentence

1. They are found worldwide except for polar areas.

2. A Mercator map can therefore never fully show the polar areas (as long as the projection is based on a cylinder centered on the Earth's rotation axis;

3. Permanent darkness during the winter can also make long-distance travel more dangerous in polar areas.

4. Therefore, Globalstar does not cover polar areas, due to the lower orbital inclination.

5. At 76 km (47 mi) long, it is the longest glacier in the Karakoram and second-longest in the world's non-polar areas.

6. In polar areas, the sun is visible day and night during the local summer and invisible all winter.

7. When the air reaches the polar areas, it has cooled by radiation to space, and is considerably denser than the underlying air.

8. The genus occurs throughout most of the world, except for the polar areas;

9. In low and mid latitudes, the summer lag is longer, while in polar areas the winter lag is longer (coreless winter in interior Antarctica and Greenland).

10. In 1927, the Observatory received a zone astrograph and with its help the Russian astronomers catalogued the stars of the near-polar areas of the sky.

11. At 76 km (47 mi) long, it is the longest glacier in the Karakoram and second-longest in the world's non-polar areas.

12. Andrée's motives have since been re-evaluated, along with assessing the role of the polar areas as the proving-ground of masculinity and patriotism.

13. Saccharomycete yeasts are found in nearly all regions of the world, including hot deserts, polar areas, in freshwater, in salt water, and in the atmosphere.

14. Frogs in cold, polar areas, though, will disappear sooner (in September) and return later (in June).

15. For a new Arctic expedition, he bought the Foca I which was designed in Norway and specified for polar areas.

16. After the war, Gran started holding lectures on aviation and his journeys to the polar areas, as well as writing books.

17. There are also many more complex methods and devices dedicated to measuring and keeping track of weather conditions in polar areas.

18. Both sea ice and wind have great impact on the atmospheric boundary layer, which is often used to measure conditions in polar areas.

19. Riometers are still used today for ionospheric research and are typically located in polar and sub-polar areas.

20. Elsewhere, the species has a very wide global distribution, absent only from polar areas and the tropics.

21. Climate change is a natural phenomenon that influences life in polar areas.

22. In 1950 he returned to Warsaw where he continued to promote the exploration of polar areas and published numerous books on that topic.

23. Eclipses there are seen during the lunar sunrise and sunset and extend to the furthermost areas of the near side but mainly not in the polar areas of the Moon.

24. Solar eclipses starting near and within the polar areas are always partial, while solar eclipses starting at or within the equator are always total.

25. It also occurs in several polar areas.

26. For that reason, average daytime (disregarding cloud effects) is longest in polar areas, where the apparent Sun spends the most time around the horizon.

27. In response, the US Navy is examining an increased presence in polar areas.

28. Sømme received the Fram Committee Nansen Award in 1992 for his work in polar areas.

29. You might see me all over except in polar areas and islands I can't fly to.

30. You see icecaps melting almost everywhere at the polar areas.