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No. sentence
1 On one point I differ from you.
2 We differ with them on this point.
3 This article converted him to our point of view.
4 Opinions are divided on this point.
5 But that point is reached sooner by those who have only one sibling rival, or none at all.
6 Maybe, like many teams, you have reached the point of saturation where you now have too many tests to account for.
7 comment relates to another point I would make about general equilibrium; not only has it never existed, and is not an operational concept, but also it could not conceivably exist.
8 cliff drops away at that point.
9 But, if you fix a point, then we have linear approximation.
10 fix a point, then the gradient vector at that point is given to me.
11 We want to be quite clear on this point.
12 This only goes to show the point.
13 One end of the stick tapers down to a point.
14 At this point, the teacher could suggest revisions of the paragraph as a whole.
15 Whoever wins the tournament will have switched from altitude to sea level and back again at some point.
16 The cable would connect with some point on Earth located at the equator, and would allow mass to be transferred to orbit using electricity instead of rocket fuel.
17 You specify an extension point for each of your applications, so the workbench can correctly launch the perspective for your application.
18 In any case he declares that point as a "risk." Not a cost.
19 This feature allows the service processor (SP) to isolate faults and log events that take place right up to the point of the actual failure.
20 For testing, you should grab a database dump of your production environment from a certain point in time so that you have something to test with.
21 To clarify this point further, if you make manual changes to the virtual system after deployment, those changes will not carry over to the clone because they are not encapsulated in your pattern.
22 In each maturity stage, your agency's measurements should point out its strengths and weaknesses as well as gauge its improvements.
23 In order to prove his point he showed them the latest sales figures.
24 The bears also point to China's expensive real-estate market and so-called ghost cities that relatively few inhabit, despite billions poured into them by Beijing.
25 And at that point, I believe before the NATO summit, we will be making those requests.
26 I feel all of us have a price up to a point.
27 Different securities perform differently at any point in time, so with a mix of asset types, your entire portfolio does not suffer the impact of a decline of any one security.
28 The safety-first attitude of clubs in postponing matches, despite playable pitches, appears to be undermining the point of undersoil heating, but caution in the face of a cold snap is understandable.
29 The point is simply to do something, anything, with one of your ideas.
30 If humidity not within the set point, turn on external ventilation.