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plunder in a sentence

1. The plunder was large.

2. This was followed by Operation Plunder;

3. But the victors scattered to plunder.

4. do plunder my visions.

5. or "He has made haste to the plunder!"

6. Forget about plunder.

7. and plunder

8. Plunder is unlimited’ (Gogun &

9. By 1995 Plunder was married to Tori.

10. or "He has made haste to the plunder!"

11. They plunder the house and go to Robin.

12. Hook (Thark); Oswald Veal (Plunder);

13. This takes us to the plunder aspect.

14. and a wild orgy of plunder ensued.

15. Simon Veal in Plunder (1928);

16. They began to plunder Asia Minor.

17. Mrs Orlock in Plunder;

18. plunder and spoilation;

19. some others as an act of plunder.

20. and threw his sword into the plunder.

21. The plunder lasted for 3 days.

22. plunder of public or private property;

23. and Plunder (1928, 344 performances).

24. and "robbery, pillage, booty plunder".

25. To plunder the state.

26. and all plunder would be divided.

27. And so you will plunder the Egyptians.

28. Has he come to plunder or appreciate?

29. The thief disgorged his plunder.

30. To ransack or plunder; pillage.