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No. sentence
1 I was playing a game the other day, in which you have to come up with fruit that starts with every letter of the alphabet.
2 We are playing the Red Star School Team next Sunday.
3 I could rely on that confidence in most of the matches I was playing because when you are confident, sometimes you see the ball as a watermelon.
4 Indians call it "playing colors" a jubilant scrum of horseplay and body painting.
5 Don't belittle her piano playing just because you're jealous.
6 The platform allows singles to get acquainted by chatting and even playing games in cyberspace, said Lim, adding the identities of participants have been verified.
7 If you like playing with leading edge technology.
8 My kids, too, have been great - instead of complaining, they've had fun with me, playing games, singing, exploring, racing.
9 Harry winked at me to show that he was playing a joke.
10 Operating engineers: Playing with giant toys like bulldozers, front-end loaders, backhoes, scrapers, motor graders, shovels, derricks, large pumps, and air compressors can be fun.
11 sure to smile at simple pleasures - the sight of kids playing, a loved one or friend approaching, the successful completion of a task, the witnessing of something amazing or humorous.
12 He noted the changing light, the seasons and other children playing through a small portal to the outside world.
13 Put your toys away in the cupboard when you've finished playing.
14 the evenings after work, Mike king can often be found crouched down on all fours in the living room playing bucking bronco with his kids.
15 The confusion is all the more inexplicable given that we all grew up playing a game in which a volley was precisely characterised: Heads and Volleys. In that, if the ball bounced it was not a volley.
16 PROFESSIONAL poker players say that if you have been playing for a while and cannot figure out who the patsy is, it's you.
17 The roots of hatred are still in your subconscious mind playing havoc with you and your good.
18 ANN: (disinterested; absently playing with a napkin) Thank you.
19 They are formidable musicians, although critical opinion is still split as to the emotional depth of their playing.
20 For the study, musicians had to be playing since at least age 16, and have a minimum of six years formal training.
21 But they all love trees and they all love playing in 'the Hollow,' as it's called — a little valley just below Ingleside with fairy paths and a brook.
22 Looking you straight in the eye does not mean the person is telling the truth. Experienced liars often do this deliberately, playing on people believing the myth.
23 In actuality, there are only two usable floors, but for children there are an additional four floors that are only one meter high - for inspired playing, exploring and crawling.
24 Meanwhile, in the locker room, Harry and the rest of the team were changing into their scarlet Quidditch robes (Slytherin would be playing in green).
25 One of the classic studies in the field of psychology showed fake playing cards to users to see how they responded (a red 5 of spades, for example). Here is what the authors conclude.
26 Johnson will miss this weekend's FA Cup tie with Stoke City after playing against City at the Riverside in the third round but will be back for the Premier League trip to the Potteries in midweek.
27 By playing this tune silently in your head you bring awareness to the issue, allowing yourself to get clear with what you need to do to transform the situation into meaningful moments.
28 Lulu was about 7, still playing two instruments, and working on a piano piece called "The Little White Donkey" by the French composer Jacques Ibert.
29 The speaker was clearly playing to the gallery when he uttered so many doubtful jokes.
30 many Afrikaners, who have grown up playing rough games on sun-baked ground so hard that every tumble draws blood, rugby is little short of everything.