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No. sentence
1 He played this old man very well.
2 The boy played with his toy train.
3 He played up to the old lady's vanity to get her support.
4 years I played with Ouija boards, contacted 'spirit guides' (not realising they were demons), read tarot cards and participated in pagan rituals in devotion to a false deity (the goddess).
5 But favourable external factors played only a minor part in the revival of emerging economies.
6 He oversold the part I played in the new film.
7 Climate also seems to have played a role in the epidemic of Black Death, which killed about half the population of Central Europe by 1347.
8 He played the poor fish until it rolled, belly up, from exhaustion.
9 The researchers played different tĂșngara frog songs to female frogs and frog-eating bats on a stereo in order to see which speaker they approached first.
10 Obama emphasized that his plan focuses on helping families who have "played by the rules" stay in their homes.
11 For hundreds of years, girls have played with dolls and dressed them up, from paper dolls to Barbie.
12 We would also like to note the important role played by the city of Shanghai, not just on the level of developing the Chinese economy, but the international economy as well.
13 I played guitar and loved to sing, but nobody liked hearing me.
14 their initial lure had played out, the pioneers of the West found other attractions to induce them to stay on.
15 The old type of family party is played out, young people demand something more exciting nowadays.
16 He took his role seriously and played it to the hilt, issuing ruling after ruling on both sides and objections, all the while evaluating the four of us to decide who would win the prize.
17 I played Arafat and he played me, showing me what to do.
18 Moreover, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that changes in relative housing costs between states, while certainly not the only factor at work, have played an important role.
19 Of course, these individuals have been around since the beginning of human history and played a more prominent role in some eras than in others.
20 When his father refused to let him have his own way, the child played his trump card by crying.
21 I'm always played out by the time I finish work on Fridays.
22 Due to their unique composition, they have played an important part in folk medicines as therapy for a variety of ailments.
23 Murphy played rapper Eminem's girlfriend in the autobiographical "8 Mile, " which came out in 2002.
24 They might discover that, as well as the squeaker, the toy had a button inside one tube which activated a light, a keypad that played musical notes, and an inverting mirror inside one of the tubes.
25 We played games and watched TV together.
26 He went and came, sang, played at hopscotch, scraped the gutters, stole a little, but, like cats and sparrows, gayly laughed when he was called a rogue, and got angry when called a thief.
27 may sound strange, but when Mickey was first created in 1928 he was a mischievous, amorous "rogue" who got into fights, played practical jokes.
28 travelled from village to village with a generator, a television set, and a VCR, and played the ABC videotape for hundreds of villagers.
29 This was one of the most important games for him after the history of what happened off the pitch. He played a fantastic game, like I know he plays always at his level.
30 The pianist played the happy pair out with the wedding March.