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No. sentence
1 estimated time of burial was placed in the early Tang Dynasty.
2 In early times, people placed their Easter eggs in grass nests to honor the ancient goddess Eostre.
3 inscription placed there by his great-great-grandson Shah Jahan, creator of the Taj Mahal, describes it as “this light garden of an angel king”.
4 The king placed the maiden before him on his horse and rode away to his castle, the fawn following by their side.
5 All files described in this section should be placed there.
6 She placed the books in order on the shelf.
7 He placed many beautiful shells on a shelf.
8 Uneasily, he placed the fish in the drawer of an old metal filing cabinet.
9 Charles was stripped of his power as Parliament took control of fiscal policy and placed the army and navy under their supervision.
10 When she let me leave my arm there, I placed the cloth on her back.
11 I found my group photo with Mr Chen two years ago and placed in the right middle of my bookshelf.
12 Most people are experiencing only a fraction of the joy and satisfaction that God placed before them.
13 In the absence of actual data no reliance can be placed on such figures.
14 If something went wrong and the transaction rolled back, the message was placed back on the destination for reprocessing.
15 He would have been placed in a crouched position, lying on a mat of rushes, facing the setting sun.
16 Tiny glass tubes, about half the width of a grain of rice, are carefully placed in the deep brain of an anaesthetized mouse.
17 I was intrigued however to spot the amulet of peacock feathers his family had placed around his ankle, another traditional cure for snake bite, just in case.
18 Any string value can be placed in the custom attribute on the asset; however, the value is for searching and view-only purposes in the RAM clients.
19 They placed pairs of different colored buckets in front of sheep; with one containing food each time.
20 It was least pronounced with the 135-degree posture, suggesting less strain is placed on the spinal disks and associated muscles and tendons in a more relaxed sitting position.
21 She quickly washed off the blood, and, after bathing the wound, placed healing herbs on it, and said, "Lie down on your bed, dear fawn, and the wound will soon heal, if you rest your foot.
22 Following a kidney transplant, recipients must be placed on immunosuppressive therapy or their immune systems will reject the transplanted organ.
23 they came forward and placed their feet on their necks.
24 Well, why were those small animal sculptures placed on the tops of the buildings?
25 Firms that can harness powerful network effects, in which users encourage friends and family members to join them on a particular service, may be best placed to fight off the clones.
26 He received this instructive tale of development from the people best placed to tell it: the very women and men who have lived through the experience.
27 placed the peeled branches in all the watering troughs, so that they would be directly in front of the flocks when they came to drink.
28 He placed his cap and overcoat on a chair.
29 In New York, scientists from the American museum of National History placed the hive in a specially prepared laboratory in the museum.
30 If you can remember where you have placed your files, then you can browse directly to the directory containing those files.