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1 Selected from more than 3, 500 applicants, NASA’s new astronaut candidates arrive at a pivotal moment in the history of human space exploration.
2 Jerusalem is not just another of ancient history’s sidelights, Aubin asserts, but one of its pivotal events.
3 Here, the strong coupling of quantum bits with light quanta plays a pivotal role.
4 Given the pivotal role of randomization in some matrix-based simulations, it is instructive to investigate how these libraries perform in situations that call on randomization.
5 Others point out that Kyoto took several years to finalise, so there is no need to worry, no real need to squeeze everything into the pivotal last days of the talks.
6 The U.S. is realising that it is a pivotal power - it is both Pacific and Atlantic. This is a distinct advantage, and an important role.
7 management team plays the pivotal role in developing and reinforcing these skills through daily guidance and continuous hands-on coaching and feedback.
8 Now, in a second, it has overruled the Scottish appeal court and decided that prosecutors in a murder case, by withholding pivotal evidence, breached the accused's right to a fair trial.
9 This was a pivotal piece of teaching bequeathed by the Master Jesus when he walked your earth plane, yet how man truly understood its meaning.
10 But agricultural science and technology news in fords in the agriculture reportage to have the pivotal function.
11 But not having exploited it adequately has become the pivotal problem which restricts tourism development of Tengchong.
12 Critics and scholars may disagree about pinpointing the first stirrings of modern art, but few deny Cezanne's pivotal role as midwife.
13 But you know from the moment he gets the summons there will come that one pivotal moment when everything clicks and Derek the Tooth Fairy becomes Derek the Considerate, Fairy-Loving Man.
14 ability of donors to get more aid into the country could be pivotal for avoiding an even greater humanitarian catastrophe, aid officials say.
15 So that the design of straightening mechanism is a pivotal step, for it influences the quality of cut aluminum-sheet greatly.
16 Floodlights here has played a pivotal role in the orderly display of the content of row after row Tongdeng light.
17 Now that things are calmer and you're able to assess what was said from a more rational perspective, you're recognising that in their rather overwrought ramblings, others revealed pivotal facts.
18 Indonesia's pivotal role in this new "golden triangle" is as the supplier not only of birds' nests but of two even more vital commodities: palm oil and coal for power stations.
19 say that the prepositions of Chinese may be a syntactic result of the semantic demotion of some non-terminating verbs in the serial verb construction or the pivotal construction.
20 Leadership from WHO and the messages from World Health Day 2011 can play a pivotal role in emphasizing these important messages to the general public.
21 In Christopher Nolan's film Inception, a pivotal character named Ariadne is the Architect, who creates stunning dream cities through which dream hackers chase their marks.
22 I speak openly as I realize that all these challenges and issues affect the pivotal role of the United Nations, its credibility and its existence.
23 code in Listing 2 highlights the pivotal functionality of that rule.
24 He says a pivotal moment came when his friend became the manager of a bar and offered him a job.
25 But falling prices may actually encourage more shoppers to return as the industry heads into the pivotal back-to-school and holiday season, some argue.
26 Standards are pivotal to the success of digital wallets.
27 We have reached a pivotal moment.
28 China played a pivotal role in brokering the agreement in support of this plan and has committed 300 engineering troops to the force.
29 Love plays a pivotal role on our life.
30 Keeping services focused on business logic rather than communication details, such as message format, was a pivotal aspect of the architecture.