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1 The company pioneered the use of the silicon chip.
2 Brazilian farmers pioneered "no-till" agriculture, in which the soil is not ploughed nor the crop harvested at ground level.
3 One of his mentors in Britain was Sir Harold Gillies, who pioneered techniques in modern plastic surgery while operating on mutilated World War I veterans.
4 From jet engine to laer to digital networking, America' military ha pioneered the development of new technologie with the potential to tranform commerce and culture.
5 Lava Lake Land &Livestock ranch has pioneered the nonlethal management of wolves.
6 Headquarters in Geneva, he pioneered new ways for people to gain access to tuberculosis medicines.
7 S.Department of Agriculture for meat and poultry, and many in the food industry have pioneered “best practices” for prevention.
8 Connection pooling is a technique that was pioneered by database vendors to allow multiple clients to share a cached set of connection objects that provide access to a database resource.
9 They pioneered a new route to the coast.
10 Fittingly for a Nobel laureate who pioneered the application of economics to areas such as discrimination, crime and the family, his answers involved market mechanisms.
11 In ousting him the army scotched a power grab of the kind pioneered by Venezuela's Hugo chavez, who also just happens to have become an unlikely ally of Mr Zelaya.
12 Meanwhile, the company that pioneered much of today's electric-vehicle knowhow, AC Propulsion of San Dimas, California, has steered clear of permanent-magnet technology.
13 It pioneered a powerful model of collaboration, not just as an international community, but also among many government ministries that rarely work together in the pursuit of health goals.
14 This time, too, party rivals will be able to accuse him of having pioneered as governor of Massachusetts a version of Mr Obama's own reviled health reform.
15 Economist commissioned Angus Reid to do this polling because of an innovative technique the firm pioneered in Canada.
16 It has now pioneered a method to turn cornfield debris into glycols.
17 Yet to row back on deregulation would be intensely shaming for a country that pioneered the idea in the first place, and has been preaching its benefits ever since.
18 They pioneered the idea of lightweight 3d format's proliferation.
19 Levi Strauss, which pioneered the idea in 1994 with its Original Spin jeans for women, measured customers in its stores and sent their details electronically to its factory.
20 Before this innovation, anyone who became hooked on surfing had to live near the beach or, in the case of some of the Californians who pioneered modern surfing, on it.
21 In the process he lay the groundwork for cybernetics and systems theory, pioneered the genre of Soviet science fiction, and inadvertently established a Russian tradition in blood science.
22 In the late 1990s HBO pioneered an intelligent, patient style of storytelling that gloried in loose ends and morally ambiguous characters, a style "the Sopranos" came to epitomise.
23 Winona Ryder practically pioneered the pixie hair craze in 1997.
24 technology, pioneered with the famous birth of Dolly the sheep in 1996, is still clunky and expensive.
25 the entrepreneur who pioneered the pay-per-click model back in 1998, was aware of the problem even then.
26 He pioneered the idea of the corporation as a social institution.
27 That ShoreBank had become such a political lightning-rod makes it harder to judge precisely where it went wrong, and the implications for the model of banking in poor areas that it pioneered.
28 that self-schooling, they pioneered the use of the pop-up AD on mainstream websites.
29 Even the car industry, which pioneered factory robots and which still accounts for some 60% of their use, now makes different models on the same assembly line.
30 Microsoft just came along later, duplicated features that Apple pioneered, and reaped the benefit because of its monopoly power.