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pillage in a sentence

1. The riot then degenerated into pillage.

2. Mahmud however proceeded to pillage the city.

3. Going north, Taira armies pillage local villages.

4. Yunus returned after the Oirats left with their pillage.

5. the Cumans came in the main to pillage.

6. Pillage and sack of private dwellings took place hourly.

7. We will not pillage.

8. I will pillage your lands and dwellings.

9. Violence on the screens, pillage and burning.

10. Li Keyong also continued to pillage Hedong.

11. the greatest hazard being the Vendean pillage in 1793.

12. Pillage and murder were endemic in the area.

13. They just flee and then rape and pillage in the cities."

14. On the east, pillage and incendiarism are imminent;

15. The mercenaries terrorize and pillage the community.

16. Pillage is going on everywhere.

17. He then helped the British pillage the area.

18. War has always been organized murder, arson and pillage.

19. The Pillage, 1869, watercolour.

20. and "robbery, pillage, booty plunder".

21. He proceeded to pillage Crete and Rhodes.

22. Dismissed, they formed bands and began to pillage.

23. Sigismund's troops pillage Bohemian territory.

24. The rebel army proceeded to pillage Mecca and Jeddah.

25. They occasionally pillage gardens and cultivated areas.

26. To ransack or plunder; pillage.

27. Everything else, they will just pillage and copy.

28. The pillage was not contained to just the enlisted men.

29. no signs of violence or pillage.

30. Eighteen shillingsamonth, together with diet and pillage.