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No. sentence
1 Romans took over from the Greeks not only their philosophy but their arts.
2 Unless you are in a completely opinionbased philosophy class of some sort, you will not impress your professors with papers that show your lack of knowledge of the assigned readings.
3 Many of the best software development professionals I've worked with majored in non-technical disciplines such as philosophy, music, or English.
4 Since the yogic tradition from which both Buddhism and Taoism trace their origins is Indian, a thorough look at Eastern thought begins here, with the philosophy and mythology of Hinduism.
5 Notably, I became more interested in the book as I read about the Eastern philosophy.
6 photographer, who is also interested in nature and eastern Philosophy, said he wanted to reveal the world anew as children saw it.
7 Philosophy is too deep for me.
8 All these questions relate to philosophy.
9 Philosophy is the scientific knowledge that summarizes the nature and society.
10 course in philosophy opened up new horizons for the students.
11 But it is complete only through the implications of that philosophy.
12 This observation moves the question “who am I?” from the realm of philosophy into the realm of science.
13 I like western philosophy and science too.
14 Use this philosophy in all aspects of your life to bring everything into harmony.
15 Philosophy.
16 If Science or Philosophy may gain anything from it they are welcome, but that is not the reason of its being.
17 Is it a science or a philosophy?
18 But how exactly can philosophy help us in cases like these?
19 It might not fit with our philosophy.
20 Discussing philosophy with you.
21 So some of their writings sound like they were reading basically good scripture but reading it through the eyes of certain kinds of philosophy.
22 While you may not buy into that philosophy, you can at least give each experience a purpose.
23 Again, this kind of thinking goes back to the travel philosophy idea -figure out how you like to travel, and find a way to make that happen.
24 We do not view them from the same station, as we do a picture, or a poem, or a system of philosophy, and are, therefore, apt to be very differently affected by them.
25 I am not, however, anywhere near a Buddhist. I am simply a fan of some of the philosophy.
26 Describe your philosophy about the art of fashion.
27 But the other source of conflict with ruling opinion is from philosophy.
28 In theory, psychoanalysis is the philosophy of the unconscious mind; in practice it is a means by which mental disorders can be cured.
29 Philosophy makes you question everything, mull it over and come to your own conclusions.
30 He often argues philosophy with James.