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1 One of my learning philosophies is that you surround your family with learning materials of all sorts, and use them yourself, your kids will follow your example and love to learn.
2 It was a manifesto, a set of thoughts and philosophies.
3 Marion and I tried to be friends for a while, but we had radically different philosophies of life.
4 When Norton wandered into the intricacies of Kant, Kreis reminded him that all good little German philosophies when they died went to Oxford.
5 these arguments all have in common is that they (and indie) express the interconnection of two primary western philosophies: puritanism and romanticism.
6 One of the earliest Eastern philosophies was Taoism, which came from China.
7 In the second chapter, "the Mythology of Hinduism," we explore the worldview of one of the earliest evolving Eastern religious philosophies - that of the ancient Hindus.
8 The two economists’ opposing philosophies so frustrated him that he switched for a while to mathematics, and at that time had his first introduction to people who were teaching marketing.
9 Primary mantles represent the two philosophies the ardent feels most strongly about and champions above all others.
10 An ardent's pursuit of these cosmic philosophies gives her access to psionic power in a unique way; through psionic mantles.
11 All other mantles are considered secondary mantles-philosophies certainly powerful and worthy of study, but not considered as central to the universe as the character's primary philosophies.
12 philosophies of Mr Norquist and Senator Coburn.
13 is tempting to believe that, even for those with philosophies of the right, there might be a collective element to property, delivered through the concept of property rights.
14 Insert interesting anecdotes, endearing quirks and personal philosophies into the body of the story.
15 these philosophies which have endured and stood out in European and Asian history and even today their tenets are reflected in societal norms.
16 It's hard to imagine programming languages without these characteristics because imperative languages' "tell me how to do it" approach is so firmly entrenched in our everyday programming philosophies.
17 Winnie and his buddies often show kids how to make friends, encourage them to think and act, and even relate some philosophies that will benefit them for a lifetime.
18 What makes the class so compelling is the way Sandel uses real-life examples to illustrate the philosophies of the likes of Aristotle, Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill.
19 differences of cultures, philosophies and aesthetic orientations give rise to the diversities of differences in the English and Chinese languages.
20 This election may not produce any new political philosophies or –isms, but with the polls so close and the stakes so high, it will likely be the most ferocious for years.
21 Vicky soon realized, however, that their travel philosophies were quite different.
22 Maybe it's all BS, but the philosophies that we thought were good for us.
23 I will do myself the justice to say, that I have never had any better opinion of the philosophies of all those philosophers, than of the spectacles of the grimacer of Tivoli!
24 In their designs, business models and philosophies, they offer a striking snapshot of European aspirations, anxieties and foibles.
25 It might as well be this art, rather than this book, espousing the philosophies and beauty of China.
26 Conventional Imperial design philosophies would not have produced the TIE defender, but the repeated successes of Alliance starfighter pilots forced the Empire's hand.
27 Code of Ur-Nammu: Written and between 2100 and 2050 BCE, the Code of Ur-Nammu discusses the legal philosophies of the titular Sumerian king.
28 Roscoe Pound's opinion, there is a general thinking pedigree among the legal philosophies and legal ideals in human history.
29 Throughout this article I describe how to apply several agile development techniques and philosophies, so be forewarned.
30 some Oriental philosophies lean towards fatalism?