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No. sentence
1 The philosopher demonstrated a philosophical principle.
2 Inside this space and is a dictionnary / encyclopedia of scientific terms with critical or philosophical dimensions .
3 No. I mean, there are reasonable philosophical or scientific grounds for worrying about each one of the premises.
4 The political-social philosophy centered on the freedom and liberty of hu-man beings composes the philosophical foundation of the ideology of power-arrangement by Marx and Engels.
5 The course serves as an introduction to metaphysics and epistemology philosophy, and tries to dissect the major philosophical questions which come up in the science fiction entertainment drama.
6 That's the bottom line and no fancy philosophical argument can erase it.
7 The profound ancient Greek philosophical thinking, the magnificent Homer Epic, the immortal Greek mythology all have the permanent charm and give human the wisdom and enlightenment.
8 In the Gospel of John he just carries on this whole philosophical discussion with Pilate about what is truth.
9 It's an argument that doesn't seem to have any empirical premises; it works from purely armchair philosophical reflection.
10 Mr Taleb cut his philosophical teeth in the basement of his family home in Lebanon during the long civil war there (another Black Swan), devouring books as mortars flew overhead.
11 we have a question of values that empirical inquiry alone is unable to decide without appeal to philosophical thinking.
12 They tend to adopt religious, philosophical, or spiritual beliefs to create meaning in their lives and provide a sense of belonging that they either never h ad or lost when their loved one died.
13 The audience for academic journals and collections of philosophical essays is limited, however, and so the essay tended to be passed along, samizdat style, from one aficionado to another.
14 Ruse teaches the history and philosophy of science at Florida State University. His next book is on philosophical questions arising out of human evolution.
15 But there's a philosophical objection to the entire question.
16 It starts by raising a certain philosophical objection to the personality theory.
17 If you have a philosophical objection to drug tests, wait until they ask you to take a drug test and tell them about your objection.
18 heart of my whimsical journey was an experiment that would test out a more philosophical idea: that what we experience in life is more important than what we bring with us.
19 WilliamJames called reductionism “genius backed by prejudice”—it takes genius to beable to make that philosophical game even seem to make sense, and it takesprejudice to want to do it in any event.
20 If it is a philosophical book, then it must aim at transmitting ideology, but the fact is, I care not the correctness of the ideology but its reasonability.
21 They gloss over crucially important variations in the curricular, pedagogical, philosophical, and social characteristics of different schools.
22 Although philosophy no longer USES Latin as its first language, many of Cicero's philosophical terms are still in common employment today.
23 commonplace to compare philosophical theories and the behavior of those who profess them.
24 One could have an entire semester devoted to thinking about the philosophical problem of consciousness.
25 War is a civilized ritual beyond morality for the judge, but not for Mr. McCarthy, who positions his readers to evaluate the characters' moral and philosophical stances.
26 is a prevalent cognition when people think of the creation of universe. Furthermore, it offers a philosophical ontic conception.
27 Helping and loving others is more important to health than feeling helped and loved oneself. Sounds philosophical but turned out to be scientific fact.
28 His next book is on philosophical questions arising out of human evolution.
29 This is philosophical, as a lot of this physics should be.
30 blurring the distinction between thinking about an act and actually performing it raises some tricky moral and philosophical questions.