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1 His most enigmatic paintings, such as “The Tempest” and “The Three Philosophers”, have no obvious subject.
2 The Republic asks us to consider seriously, ? what would a city look like ruled by philosophers?
3 Memory is a palace, say the ancient philosophers, where every room parks a thought.
4 Partly it was him. But it was also the fact that philosophers come with a certain combination of mystery and weight.
5 Versions of Kant's theory of moral duty, often called deontological theories, have been widely upheld and defended by philosophers up to and including the present day.
6 not surprising that some philosophers, such as Thomas Malthus and Jeremy Bentham, tried to remove emotion from their visions of social reform.
7 Philosophers, of course, pride themselves on their clarity, sense of relevance, and stock of apt questions and distinctions, but so too do lawyers.
8 I think every CS graduate has had at least one homework assignment involving the dining philosophers problem or a producer-consumer problem.
9 Most importantly you might say what distinguishes the gentleman as a class from the philosophers is a certain kind of knowledge or practical intelligence.
10 disproving egoism may sound like a virtue of the theory, but, as philosophers of science know, it's really a fatal drawback.
11 That's philosopher's jargon, that is to say, given the three premises, the conclusion really does follow.
12 When writing itself appeared, philosophers feared that it would weaken memory and degrade intelligence .
13 past and future brings us to another problem that has foxed scientists and philosophers: why time should have a direction at all.
14 great philosophers of old are remembered largely by their posthumous contributions to dictionaries of quotations.
15 Strong AI philosophers believe that computers someday can be as intelligent as humans.
16 Everyone from philosophers to physicists has taken up this question of consciousness and come up empty.
17 After my meeting with Ayer, I devised a plan to ask each philosopher I photographed for three names of philosophers they admired.
18 Confucius takes its audience on a journey into the past, an era when everything we see, from the philosophers to the volleys of arrows, has a familiar ring.
19 Poets and philosophers have long been attuned to the fact that the quest for immortality drives much of humanity's peculiar ways.
20 Mele is hopeful that other philosophers will become better acquainted with the science of conscious intention.
21 It's so difficult, so complicated, or so maybe embarrassing, I don't know, but philosophers have ignored it. But that for me that was the big challenge and I hope you feel that way too.
22 Ayer was dimly known to me, England being one of those rare countries in which each era has a few public philosophers — respected thinkers who are called upon to comment on the issues of the day.
23 Some philosophers argue that rights exist only within a social contract, as part of an exchange of duties and entitlements.
24 Initially, I planned to meet and photograph perhaps 15 philosophers, and publish the results in a magazine.
25 In God's Philosophers, James Hannam dispels the myth that science burst onto the scene spontaneously during the Enlightenment, arguing instead that medieval natural philosophy paved the way.
26 It seems that our brain possesses the philosopher's stone that enables us to turn lead into gold and helps us bounce back to normal levels of well-being.
27 Philosophers sometimes overweight their negativism.
28 If those philosophers are right, future well-being should be discounted just because it comes in the future.
29 If a philosopher was mentioned by three different philosophers as someone whose work was important, I would photograph that philosopher.
30 But these men are not philosophers.