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pests in a sentence

1. changes in pests and diseases;

2. resistance against insect pests;

3. changes in pests and diseases;

4. The cacao pests Sahlbergella spp.

5. A few species are nuisance pests.

6. Several are serious pests.

7. Pestsäule, Graben, Vienna, 1687.

8. A few are important crop pests.

9. As such farmers see them as pests.

10. They can be agricultural pests.

11. to eliminate pests;

12. This helps to attract pests.

13. Several species are notable pests.

14. Other stored product pests:

15. Pests include aphids.

16. Some are economic pests.

17. shooing away pests and rodents;

18. Pests multiply.

19. The species are pests of grain.

20. Pests include mealybugs.

21. A few others are potential pests.

22. Some are pests of durian trees.

23. They are rarely affected by pests.

24. Some species are plant pests.

25. the impact of invasive pests;

26. Pests include snails.

27. managing pests and other animals."

28. 'Pests,' she called them.

29. If you like pests," she muttered.

30. Tot: Because they are pests.