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1 They both have useful perspectives and appropriate techniques.
2 As you learn how to write programs, you must learn to see the process from each of these perspectives.
3 They may also be seen from the value and business perspectives as "mini investments" that keep the software design in play while plans and estimates firm up and uncertainties decrease.
4 Reading broadens your horizon - it gives you access to new perspectives and ideas. It can give you a whole new way of seeing things.
5 And again, it offers views and perspectives on every part of the solution.
6 I enable myself to perceive reality through both perspectives at once. And I do not “believe” in one at the cost of disbelieving the other.
7 If we consider all three perspectives and assume the cost to remain constant during the other lifecycle phases, the cost of inspections for our project falls within these limits.
8 Confucius for example advocates the cultivation of reciprocal perspectives.
9 If the teaching of history in our schools is to be reformed again, then both of these perspectives need to be very firmly - and simultaneously - borne in mind.
10 Sometimes I interviewed multiple generations within the same family, to get different perspectives on making money and keeping it, to see how they differed between patriarchs and scions.
11 what follows, we discuss these perspectives on governance while focusing on what it takes to make governance operational.
12 We will return to these topics when we look at the customer and management team perspectives in the next two articles.
13 With spontaneous irreverence, satire rearranges perspectives, scrambles familiar objects into incongruous juxtaposition, and speaks in a personal idiom instead of abstract platitude.
14 Comment on Fresh Blogs For Fresh Perspectives - If you are always among the same crowd you will find inevitably the same thoughts being reflected back over and over. Break out!
15 the problem from two perspectives: the server, and the attacker.
16 We hypothesize that this gap results from the different perspectives regarding the Agile Manifesto taken by the Originators and the software community.
17 might take to exemplify this perspectivism in his own free wheeling way of articulating a great scatter of perspectives all by himself.
18 These perspectives are generalizations, but it shows how the confidence debate goes back deep into our culture.
19 central road carries the walkways on cantilevers, large balconies offering fantastic perspectives.
20 EOMC teachings offer unique perspectives, techniques and technologies of mind and spirit that have proven useful to many people in the exploration and expansion of personal consciousness.
21 It is time we evaluated the roles that modern technology plays in our life from more balanced and objective perspectives.
22 In Buddhism, one can find something different: a range of perspectives and a general consensus within a tolerance of alternative, but related views.
23 complete application architecture design should be a unification of all perspectives from your organization.
24 This news item examines the perspectives from variety of commentators.
25 As mentioned in other sections, if you modify or customize a chart or table, you can save those changes to your own customized perspectives.
26 To obtain maximum benefit from the PBR technique, it is important to create comprehensive scenarios for each of the perspectives to be applied.
27 The key to overcoming this barrier to a successful resolution is to acknowledge that diverse perspectives and interests exist and to address them openly.
28 Dingli, director of the U.S. Studies Center at Fudan University in Shanghai, said the difference in the U.S. and Chinese perspectives turns on the intent behind the ship's presence.
29 This paradigm legitimizes new methods, practices and tools, new values, new behaviors, new perceptions and new perspectives with respect to software development processes.
30 Sapkota's team lists many of these - including the most prevalent bacteria in the tobacco they studied - in a paper published early, online in Environmental Health Perspectives.