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persists in a sentence

1. And yet the beautiful persists."

2. the imprint, however, persists.

3. and this use persists today.

4. She rebuffs him, but he persists.

5. Dowry-murder persists.

6. She rejects him but he persists;

7. use cold water if pain persists.

8. It persists for many reasons.

9. This confusion of terms persists.

10. it's disgusting that it persists.

11. Still, the legend persists.

12. This synonym still persists.

13. She ignores him but he persists;

14. So, hope still persists."

15. the term persists today.

16. The name persists today.

17. one persists in saluting us &

18. The Queen persists.

19. The deadlock persists.

20. Melos persists.

21. The snow persists until May.

22. Beall persists however.

23. This practice, however, persists.

24. it's disgusting that it persists.

25. She rejects him but he persists;

26. Unknown to him, his son persists.

27. However, the problem persists.

28. The ban persists.

29. That arrangement persists today.

30. What you resist persists.