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No. sentence
1 The archaeologist dated the ruins as belonging to the early Minoan period.
2 Over the same period, only 10 percent of the fish raised in seawater of today's acidity were eaten.
3 I decided to count how many times I switched devices between noon and 6pm, so a 6 hour period.
4 In the post-colonial period Penang fell victim to the rise of nationalism.
5 But each gang has the patronage of a mainstream political party, in a fight that exploded in 2008 when an election was held to end Pakistan's latest period of military rule.
6 specification defines the means by which any client of a resource instance can establish and renew its interest in the resource instance for a specific period of time.
7 Give thanks for the Grace that descends during this precious period of time.
8 nutshell, they argued that, even in that period of wildly 'irrational exuberance,' shares were massively undervalued.
9 comparison with the coastal area and in meeting the local needs, the educational resources shortage in senior high school period in Yuxi is obvious: the supply and demand gap is wide.
10 analyse by contrast to Qianali model, at present Qujing is in transition period from the early phase to the middle phase of industrialization.
11 So have I found that in each period of life a particular season assumes a special importance.
12 During that period, the style for men was to wear their hair plastered down on their heads.
13 I strongly disagreed, and in the end we compromised on a six-month transition period.
14 It is vitally important that the patch developer -you, the reader, in our sample scenario -is responsive during this period.
15 After getting access to the internal files of the hedge fund, they analyzed every IM sent by 66 day traders over an 18-month period.
16 As noted, however, no significant difference in overall survival was seen between the groups, with a median survival period for each of about 26 months.
17 Just as the U.S. is being criticized for abusing and torturing suspects in the war on terrorism critics are sure to try to make that period an issue in his confirmation hearings.
18 The transition from exclusive breastfeeding to full use of family foods is a very vulnerable period.
19 period between registration and voting was shortened from 90 days to 30.
20 Among the remnants are rare fragments of land life that survived the same period, including part of a conifer plant and the tooth of an archosaur reptile.
21 That period of my life was a dark one and I had no idea that there was going to be what the press has since represented as a kind of fairy tale resolution.
22 Over this time period the harsh and irritating compounds in garlic are converted naturally into stable and safe sulfur compounds.
23 Study Design. Review of clinical file information and postoperative imaging, collected prospectively over a period of 14 years, in anticipation of study.
24 But there will also be problems, despite a golden period in which tax revenue grew faster than GDP.
25 were many important events in this period.
26 The manager can see an overview of all outstanding leave requests for the period and either approves or rejects the request.
27 But drama descended into farce when she discovered that her period had started, for which she had none of the necessary supplies.
28 He saw plenty of the ball in the first period and teed up presentable chances for both Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov.
29 paddyfield mainly reduced the methane emission at fully tillering stage, which was usually the climax period of the emission.
30 You knew that you now had to go through a period of uncertainty until new ideas emerged.