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perform in a sentence

1. He continues to perform.

2. Genesis did not perform.

3. 行 to go or to perform;

4. A stiff rod will perform;

5. Now perform live.

6. I perform at Weddings.

7. B refuses to perform.

8. perform Pooja at night.

9. They perform in the town.

10. All three perform vocals.

11. perform legal research;

12. To perform a stall turn;

13. to perform "Dreamworld."

14. They perform on stage.

15. perform seamanship tasks;

16. "I was eager to perform.

17. They perform two songs.

18. They perform "Sexy!

19. I shall perform a vrata."

20. perform in these areas.

21. They perform all tasks.

22. to perform "Natural".

23. You have to perform well.

24. to perform in Rapid City.

25. They still perform.

26. and perform in shows.

27. in the way they perform.

28. It is easy to perform.

29. "I was eager to perform.

30. To perform these tasks;