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No. sentence
1 I perceived in this device the means of my deliverance.
2 Malay majority institutionalised affirmative action for themselves, to the disadvantage of ethnic Chinese (a majority in Penang), who were perceived to have got unduly rich.
3 China's government has long felt misunderstood and misrepresented by the international media, and aims to promote its own voice to redress the perceived imbalance.
4 One then perceived on the right, facing the window, a glass door surmounted by a frame glazed and painted gray.
5 Now, I perceived he was not looking at the wall; for when I regarded him alone, it seemed exactly that he gazed at something within two yards' distance.
6 Bahrain was perceived to be a liberal oasis in the Persian Gulf, with a robust banking sector and a per capita income to rival Europe's.
7 The third element of the rescue plan envisages a strengthening of big eurozone Banks, which are perceived to have too little capital to absorb losses.
8 Wenger has railed at such perceived inconsistency in the past.
9 higher when tasters could only see the bottle than it was with blind tasting, implying that the champagne's taste detracted from its perceived value.
10 The perceived risks and uncertainties about sustainably funded demand from developing countries often leads to underinvestment in development and manufacturing of appropriate products.
11 All naturally claim to be delicious, and, because olive oil's success has been fuelled by its perceived health benefits, they all claim to be great for you too.
12 He perceived the depth of her pain.
13 It isn't just that the regime loses its legitimacy: its exercise of power is now perceived as a panic reaction, a gesture of impotence.
14 Its cries are said to resemble a wailing woman and are perceived by locals as an omen of death.
15 There’s a major perceived change in the way that Jeremy Hunt views things as opposed to Vince Cable.
16 You have to build up a culture of cooperation, complete some successful projects quickly, with low risk, and high perceived business value.
17 Studies show that when women smell like pink grapefruit, they're perceived to be six years younger than their actual age [source: Laino].
18 Canadian communities angered by perceived American chauvinism have started a Buy Canadian campaign to exclude U.S. bidders from municipal contracts.
19 If Numbers are perceived to be "fudged" or the source of the information is not known or appropriate, then individuals should raise the concern, citing the principles and the values being questioned.
20 go on to argue that the “paper glut” is responsible for a perceived deluge of publications and, consequently, for our inability to keep up with the literature.
21 Any Kosovo Albanian leader perceived as giving a jot to Serbia will be labelled a traitor.
22 Shapes are even more abstract than lines, because they're really just higher level constructs formed by perceived edges.
23 The duel usually developed out of the desire of one party (the challenger) to redress a perceived insult to his honor.
24 The students perceived that his behavior had changed.
25 What kinds of activity can be perceived as offering an endless source of interest and value?
26 believe these findings could pave the way for a cream which "switches off" wrinkles, doing away with the perceived need for collagen injections or plastic surgery.
27 I soon perceived that I could not make him change his mind.
28 Because the analytical likes to gather as many facts as possible before making an informed decision, he may be perceived by others as being indecisive.
29 He very speedily perceived what sort of liberty it is to which a yellow passport is provided.
30 In our study, we also found that people perceived adverse events more positively if they had experienced them in the past.