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No. sentence
1 So if the arrow of time is based on our consciousness and our ability to perceive it, then do people like you who understand it more fully experience time differently then the rest of us?
2 Whether dissatisfaction with the organization leads to withdrawal from the organization depends on whether the participants perceive the "employment contract" as given or as subject to change.
3 Well I just clearly and distinctly perceive it to be true.
4 So, by the time we perceive an object like the coffee cup in one location, it will have already changed location as we move toward it.
5 People who have lots of papillae have been dubbed supertasters for their ability to really perceive, say, the bitterness in arugula or the subtle sweetness of a pea.
6 The concept reality means to each of us what we perceive, what we experience.
7 It turns out that people differ in how they perceive many if not all odors, and most of us have at least one scent we cannot detect at all.
8 How we perceive them depends on our relationship with those who carry them out.
9 If he is right, then people who believe that their religion protects them from harm may be correct, although the protection is of a different sort from the supernatural one they perceive.
10 It offers us unique insights into the way people with autism perceive their environment and helps us to understand some of their behaviour.
11 Because nobody might perceive his or her beauty.
12 Each one was modelled as a software "agent" with its own desires, needs and goals, and the ability to perceive the environment and respond to the immediate surroundings in a believable way.
13 So far in his research, Cheshire has observed that people tend to perceive a loss in their ability to control and contain info about themselves after something bad happens with it.
14 I enable myself to perceive reality through both perspectives at once. And I do not “believe” in one at the cost of disbelieving the other.
15 This is the conundrum of how we perceive an object as an integrated whole, when we know that the brain processes the various elements of it - colours, angles, and so on - separately.
16 But any oddness that you might perceive is superficial.
17 So I think we all perceive the passage of time in very similar ways.
18 Just as he’s explained to hundreds of parents and teachers across the state, Chadwell patiently walks the Manning crowd through how boys and girls perceive the world.
19 How you face and perceive these challenges, though, will determine your stress and anxiety levels throughout this process.
20 Mr Heathcliff said he did not perceive that I was wanted; but I might stay and order the arrangements for the funeral, if I chose.
21 Already you can feel how the energy changes. Perhaps you can perceive how the beings greet you, how you stride through a gate of light.
22 If people perceive one such rule to have been violated, they may feel morally obliged to retaliate against the wrongdoers — even if the retaliation does more harm than good.
23 conclusions come in a study of how people perceive their wellbeing.
24 He suggests that individuals in the throes of depression seldom deceive others-or are deceived themselves-because they seem to perceive and describe reality with greater accuracy than others.
25 Some animals also seem able to perceive and understand small Numbers.
26 long been regarded as pseudoscience, but precognition-that is, the ability to not just predict but to actually perceive the future-is getting a fair shake in some scientific circles lately.
27 Patient can perceive the force on upper arm by force feedback of the haptic interface.
28 As children, we're attracted to those we perceive to be similar to us," says Majors. "From early on, girls' friendships are about Shared intimacy and childhood secrets."
29 Some people perceive risks from RF exposure as likely and even possibly severe.
30 Employees often emulate their superior's behavior because they perceive it as a model of success within the company.