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No. sentence
1 It tells people a little bit about me and about what I like to do.
2 Pass the message down to the people at the end of the table.
3 Some people use their time and money badly and start at the top only to work down to the proper level of their poor abilities.
4 few people know about him is that he has left behind a trail of emotional destruction, having spent decades abusing vulnerable individuals for his own twisted purposes.
5 The study looked at vegetarians, fish eaters and people who ate meat.
6 A large number of people conglomerated round her.
7 In my experience, some people think about you, which is nice.
8 We must gather the people to our side.
9 We can't get any more people onto this train.
10 He doesn't like guests, especially journalists, leaves his hut only once a month and avoids people but the villagers still like him because he sells them grapes and other fruits at a rather low price.
11 people gather oranges from apple trees, or grapes from an oak tree.
12 Old people awaken early in the morning.
13 I won't comment on what people say.
14 We must rally the broad masses of the people round the Party.
15 I just wish they would have implemented all the changes for the 2013 race and given people plenty of advance notice, rather than crushing those who thought they had finally reached their goal.
16 I don't know how poor people got through those cold winters.
17 People who suffer from allergies can sometimes be given injections to help desensitize them.
18 Success always smiles upon people who are diligent.
19 How do you expect people to go where you want them to go if they do not even know where to go?
20 passions of these people can soon be worked up.
21 So beverages that make people drunk should be band intoxicating beverages make people drunk therefore intoxicating beverages should be banned.
22 Some people argue that the sale of genetic tests directly to consumers should be banned.
23 To be able to fill leisure intelligently is the last product of civilization, and at present very few people have reached this level.
24 Even so, it's not the best of both worlds, as some people comment, enviously.
25 I'm not one of the regular people here, I'm just filling in time before I go to college.
26 We are not only inferring emotions during phone calls, but the emotions of the people close to the phones whether in a pub or during a meeting at work.
27 People carry their phones around in pockets with keys and change.
28 The problem with answering this question is that people normally are not tracked - but today we are tracked thanks to the phones we carry with us.
29 other hand, poor people have an excellent motive to cut cable and simply replace it with an antenna or nothing at all, he said.
30 As you would expect from a company focused on connecting people, we prioritize antenna performance over physical design if they are ever in conflict.