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peony in a sentence

1. such as dragon, phoenix, peony and lotus.

2. young growth of a tree peony.

3. Ming bowl with peony design, PDF 704.

4. The family crest of Takatsukasa is peony.

5. peony collection of 104 cultivars;

6. Also called "Peony Form".

7. Peony and hosta collections are planned.

8. The Peony Festival at Nichols Arboretum.

9. Close view of a peony at the festival.

10. Double-flowered peony.

11. Paeonia mascula is a species of peony.

12. The peony bed exists to this day.

13. Peony by Pearl S. Buck;

14. This peony is self-fertile.

15. middle notes of orchid, tulip and peony;

16. This peony is very rare in cultivation.

17. Peony (single author poetry collection).

18. Shaoyao is Chinese peony.

19. Mudan is rock peony.

20. Peony pavilion.

21. Mudan niao – Peony Birds – 1990.

22. The peony is a flowering plant.

23. Peony may also refer to:

24. Box decorated with carved peony flowers.

25. The central flower is a peony.

26. Peony believes in God.

27. Behind the leaves of the peony.

28. When I come near the red peony flower.

29. That is my peony.

30. Toby's Peony dinnerware.