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1 The first decision that had to be made was whether the exsiting penal law could be satisfactorily patched up.
2 of penal reformers is not Shared by psephologists, who note the tiddly Numbers involved.
3 Kim and I were talking about her French penal, her grandfather, WWII etc. when we came to a lull in the conversation.
4 KENNETH CLARKE made headlines last summer-many of them far from rapturous-when he promised a revolution in penal policy.
5 Turkey's penal code has been tweaked to stiffen penalties not only for those who commit honour killings but also for those who plan them.
6 Penal policy plainly needs to change.
7 I had heard of her; her institution was considered extraordinary, and her opinion on questions of penal reform carried weight.
8 The chief aims of the penal system are to deter the potential lawbreaker and to reform the convicted offender.
9 The walled compound was a one-stop shop for the colonial penal authority, housing a police station, a prison, barracks for single officers, a courthouse and, until 1894, an execution grounds.
10 It has shaken up the judiciary, updated the penal code and nudged the army towards civilian control for the first time.
11 China is frequently criticised for its abusive penal system.
12 occur formidable hours in our civilization; there are moments when the penal laws decree a shipwreck.
13 Under penal Code 496, this intent will pass onto you if you knowingly and subsequently receive that property.
14 Mr Kenny has promised to renegotiate the penal interest rate that the government is paying for its bail-out.
15 The story of Tocqueville’s visit was an extraordinary one in its own right. He was only 25 when he crossed the Atlantic, dispatched by the French government to study America’s penal system.
16 of the penal code, under which Orhan Pamuk, Turkey's best-known novelist, was prosecuted last year, remains on the books.
17 -77 National Forensic League debate topic, used by high schools everywhere, was "Resolved: That a comprehensive program of penal reform should be adopted throughout the United States."
18 Neilson, of the Howard League for Penal Reform, thinks Mr Clarke could learn from Canada's budget-cutting exercise in the 1990s.
19 He learnt that, shortly before, some thirteen or fourteen convicts had succeeded in escaping from the penal settlement in an open boat, and had landed on a lonely part of the coast.
20 Critics railed that the last thing Russia needed was yet more land, secured by garrisons and penal colonies.
21 The journalist faces possible trial under a clause in the Iraqi penal code outlawing "aggression against a president".
22 He underwent nineteen years of penal servitude for theft.
23 It is also forcing manufacturers to invest abnormal amounts to develop clean technologies in the hope that their bigger vehicles can be made socially acceptable and escape penal taxation.
24 Australia transformed itself from penal colony to one of the most popular property markets and successful developed economies.
25 If Banks have to borrow at penal rates for some time, the poison will spread.
26 They contend that the loans and other guarantees had been provided with "penal interest rates" and were not an act of charity.
27 Despite campaigns by local lobbies and charities, the penal code in Lebanon still imposes lighter sentences for crimes of honour.
28 AIG would pay a penal interest rate and cede to the state an equity stake of just under 80%.
29 initial stage of capitalism in the 19th century, violation of private secretes had been a very important provision in some Europe countries' penal code.
30 basis of elasticity of the large-deflection thin penal, the method of weighted residuals is applied in calculating the stress and deflection of the curtain-wall glass.