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No. sentence
1 In Fanch 'eng I learned the truth of the old adage, "Poverty is a state of mind." While visiting a commune, we were taken to see the peasants' houses.
2 The authorities dragooned the peasants into leaving their farms.
3 They seized the land and distributed it among the peasants.
4 He prized the civilised pursuits-literature, science and music-that flourished in an urban environment and regarded tribesmen as "stupid peasants".
5 The peasants leaned down to reap wheat.
6 But by 1638 thousands of the peasants and their samurai mercenaries had been slaughtered.
7 The next morning, the peasants lent the traveler a horse and they said he could come whenever he likes.
8 late 1927 he led the armed peasants into the hills of south Jiangxi.
9 PIERRE got out of his carriage, and passing by the toiling peasants, clambered up the Knoll from which the doctor had told him he could get a view of the field of battle.
10 When the peasants refused to cooperate, the gangsters bound their hands and hacked at them using machetes.
11 She was a mother (of Laurita), a housewife and a teacher: someone who loved literature and had taught peasants to read in the early years of the revolution. She had never done anything wilder.
12 The first Eiswein harvests took place in Franconia in 1794 when peasants tried to produce wine from partially frozen grapes that resulted from an unexpected frost.
13 The soldierly approach dates from Napoleonic times, when such forces browbeat conquered peasants into accepting the physical and symbolic power of the French state.
14 In other words, they will incite the armed peasants against the advanced workers.
15 problem of Peasants leaved villages was a greatly social problem that had been perplexing modern age in China, and caused the value of social everyones noodles.
16 He went all over the country, rousing the workers and peasants for the struggle against oppression.
17 During the Han she was believed to be a granter of immortality as well as a life destroyer, particularly among peasants in north China, who sought her divine protection in collective trance.29.
18 middlemen say they have delivered so many bags of rice to so many thousands of peasants, there is no way to tell if they are lying.
19 a small village north-west of Bangalore, peasants queue for identities.
20 In our country, the development of the productive force enables peasants to emancipate themselves from the restrictions of their land.
21 a son of Bongha peasants ends up in the Blue House in Seoul.
22 being beaten and set ablaze, the two peasants were machine-gunned from close range.
23 For example, July of Bin unrolls a truthful picture of the hard-working peasants in front of us.
24 In this mild climate, with the booming of tractors, the peasants would be busy approximately for a fortnight.
25 day I met traumatised peasants who'd been forcibly evicted.
26 It should serve the toiling masses of workers and peasants who make up more than 90 per cent of the nation's population and should gradually become their very own.
27 The Sheriff of Nottingham is Robin's chief opponent; at the time, it was the sheriffs' role as tax collectors in particular that made them objects of loathing by peasants and commoners.
28 promote the citrus processing, resolve the difficulty of peasants saling their citrus and promote the district economy.
29 Palestine, in those days, was a community of peasants and landowners;
30 Everybody liked the Mute Singer-the peasants as much as the beggars.