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peak travel times in a sentence

1. Bus services cover all metropolitan areas and many rural communities, with services on most major routes running half-hourly or more frequently during peak travel times.

2. Despite its large-scale growth, Peterborough has the fastest peak and off-peak travel times for a city of its size in the UK, due to the construction of the parkways.

3. I-91, however, is relatively less congested, except at the intersection with I-95 during peak travel times.

4. These restrictions may be only imposed during peak travel times or may apply at all times.

5. CMAQ funds may be spent on new HOV lane construction, even if the HOV designation holds only at peak travel times or in the peak direction.

6. Travel time to Melbourne Flinders Street ranges at approximately 109 minutes during peak travel times.

7. Bus services cover all metropolitan areas and many rural communities, with services on most major routes running half-hourly or more frequently during peak travel times.

8. It has been estimated that the system will transport about 10,000 passengers in each direction per hour during peak travel times.

9. Formerly, I-83 was reduced to one lane going northbound through the interchange, resulting in frequent traffic jams during peak travel times.

10. Travel time to Melbourne ranges from approximately 109 minutes during peak travel times.

11. Welcome centers tend to be larger than regular rest areas, and are staffed at peak travel times with one or more employees who advise travelers as to their options.

12. A high frequency is available due to the different services, but the journey time to Southern Cross as a result can range from 27–48 minutes during peak travel times.

13. The lanes will reverse direction in peak travel times (eastbound in the a.m./westbound in the p.m.).

14. This service incurs a $60 or $65 charge, depending on peak or off-peak travel times.

15. In September 2016, GO Transit created a new bus service to connect Cambridge and Milton on weekday mornings during peak travel times, with six return trips in the evening.

16. On average, vehicles are expected to be traveling 55 miles per hour, even during peak travel times.

17. Within several months of opening, the park-and-ride lot was at 92% capacity and by July 1999, the lot was filled to capacity during the peak travel times on the MAX line.

18. An additional 598 parking spaces are available in an overflow lot across Aviation Drive during peak travel times.

19. Weekday service consists of 15 regularly scheduled fixed-routes, two flex-routes, and one express route that operates during peak travel times.

20. Most of these lanes are full at peak travel times (even on Saturdays).

21. Peak travel times, which is southbound during weekday mornings, northbound during weekday evenings, and both directions on weekend afternoons, have the highest rates.

22. Off-peak travel times, which occur during the daytime outside of peak travel times, have lower rates, with the overnight hours having the lowest rates.

23. The study determined that through-travelers would have only saved five minutes over peak travel times and the legislature shelved the plan.

24. The project allows commuter services from Waikanae every 15 minutes at peak travel times but more commonly every 30 minutes.

25. There is generally an hourly service to Sheringham (8 minutes) and to Norwich (55 minutes), with more frequent services during the morning and evening peak travel times.

26. As many as 8,000 individuals or more could conceivably use the system every day, and it could remove 5,300 cars daily from already overtaxed roadways during peak travel times.

27. This increased capacity and eliminated queues approaching the escalator during peak travel times.

28. Booster trains run between Nienburg and Hanover during peak travel times.

29. Rodízio veicular, or vehicle restriction, is a restriction on traffic in São Paulo, Brazil, during peak travel times.

30. Mr Moroun concedes that congestion at peak travel times is a problem, and that his own structure should be closed for repairs.