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No. sentence
1 The path is paved with concrete slabs.
2 The heat-island effect, as it's known, could be reduced by as much as two degrees during the summer if enough paved yards turn grassy.
3 centre was a paved circle the cracks of which various grasses and weeds had invaded and planted in them their victorious standards.
4 One idea she and others are pushing is opening up the many creeks paved over during the construction of Cleveland.
5 This path is not paved by elections alone.
6 The patron came down a path paved with cobblestones .
7 Finally to adapt an expression with which you're probably familiar I'll conclude simply by saying that the road to reality is paved with your intentions be they good or bad.
8 He says the scene resembles California's Silicon Valley 15 years ago, when the first wave of entrepreneurs paved the way for the new wave of dot-com era entrepreneurs.
9 Roads outside the national park will be paved, but roads leading to the park and those inside the wildlife sanctuary will not be.
10 There are only a few paved roads, but asphalt crews are laying down new ones every day.
11 's a compelling showbiz mythology of the modern big city - the energy and the abundance, the proximity to culture and power, the streets that just might be paved with gold.
12 They all opened on a tolerably vast hall, paved with large flagstones, cut up by arcades and pillars, where only a tiny light and great shadows were visible.
13 It faces a piazza paved with a skull Mosaic designed by Luc Tuymans, an international art star and local resident.
14 K21 can travel as fast as 70 kilometers per hour on paved roads and cross a river at a speed of 7.8 kilometers per hour with the help of its water-jet propulsion system.
15 In that sense he paved the way for Hugo Chávez, the current president, who had tried to remove him in a coup in 1992, and whom he hoped would “die like a dog” before too long.
16 That paved the way for a crazy bubble, followed by a bust, and more currency instability in subsequent years.
17 James would have been the standout baller he has become, but Jordan paved the way, in gold, for all the marketing opportunities LeBron has.
18 Forty years ago, Oman was one of the Middle East's most backward countries, with fewer than a dozen miles of paved roads and a nearly impenetrable interior populated by heavily armed, warring tribes.
19 But WHO has unquestionably shaped the health agenda and gathered the technical expertise and guidance that have paved the way for other initiatives to move forward towards their goals.
20 THERE was once a merchant who was so rich that he could have paved the whole street with gold, and would even then have had enough for a small alley.
21 Roads are being paved.
22 Paradoxically, it was the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679, an attempt to give statutory force to the common-law writ, which paved the way for its gradual erosion.
23 At any rate, most of the places where people prefer to dwell are paved.
24 But AOL brought online services, email, chat and discussion boards to the masses and thus educated a generation that paved the way for others.
25 On rocky hillsides there are wooden huts and in wooded valleys, towns of brick. Arid uplands are irrigated and planted with leafy gardens, whereas, on fertile plains, the parks are paved with stone.
26 They built planters and paved part of the roof so people can walk easily among the plantings.
27 This is one of the last sub-regions where you don't have all-weather, paved roads going from one part of Africa to another.
28 A trio of chemists took the Nobel for their work which paved the way for revolutionary plastics and new cancer-fighting drugs.
29 Early this week, the children, ages 4 to 14, slept huddled together for warmth under bed sheets slung over branches in a tent city on the paved grounds of a damaged school.
30 Without these small tests, whatever they may be, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere. It would be safe and comfortable, but dull and utterly pointless.