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1 Then there is the Middle East, where traditional patriarchy still holds sway.
2 Puritanism in South American contorts "the Holy Bible" arbitrarily, uses "the Holy Bible "to defend racism, and gives birth to southern women's ethics and patriarchy wrongly from "the Holy Bible ".
3 Patriarchy Bridge, Moscow's newest bridge built in 2004, overlooks the Moscow River and is a popular area for couples to gather and declare their love for each other.
4 Undoubtedly, as the representative of "Depraved Women", the ignoble profession of Mrs. Warren poses a huge challenge against the dominating patriarchy at that time.
5 He's the friend of women everywhere, at least for a few of his female readers in the eighteenth century, and for many he's the very embodiment of oppressive patriarchy.
6 Her early works, the Bluest Eye and Sula deal with the initiation inclemency of black girls, which includes the lack of initiation guide, the split of black community and the shackle of patriarchy.
7 I'm concerned with women's capacities, which have been infinitelydiminished under patriarchy.
8 The traditional Mongolian American household is a patriarchy in which the head of the household is the eldest male.
9 In that decade, Ronald Reagan's new conservatives attacked abortion clinics, crushed the Equal Rights Amendment, and sought to restore the traditional subordination of women within the patriarchy.
10 It is precisely this characterization of women that has enabled and engendered patriarchy.
11 That was cranky exaggeration; many changes were felt more than seen, a shift in hopes and expectations that cracked the foundations of patriarchy.
12 She had in mind a new, companionate ideal of marriage that contrasted with older notions of patriarchy.
13 Because of the establishment of the patriarchy, androgyny gradually retreated from the mainstream society.
14 Destroy it. Weapons are tools of the patriarchy which must be abolished IMMEDIATELY!
15 From the society, the reform of the Labour mechanism in the state-owned enterprise has been influenced by the two basic factors of commercialize and the patriarchy.
16 Under the darkness of patriarchy culture, the writing of modern female viewed the female's individual vital essence at a unique visual Angle and with typical writing.
17 overthrow patriarchy, it is necessary to adopt the concept of male speech and search for the pattern of overthrow from the male script.
18 All ecofeminism believes there have been double correspondence and multiply connections between men oppress women and human control nature, which roots from oppressive patriarchy.
19 Role of Gender; Patriarchy Culture; Ideal of Androgyny.
20 Father of All: the DE la Guerra Family, Power, and Patriarchy in Mexican California.
21 novel successfully depicts how Celie shakes off the oppression of patriarchy and achieves her individual identity and self-actualization with the help of Shug Avery, her husband's lover.
22 author of this thesis thinks that the patriarchy as well as Maggie's reconciliation to it leads to her tragic destiny.
23 That's not very different from what patriarchy always says about women.
24 They were all the products of patriarchy in the European society.
25 due to the concept of science and technology, dichotomy thinking mode and male chauvinism, which is dominated by the cultural conception of patriarchy.
26 Under the strict patriarchy society, they were confined to the families, and deprived of the rights participating in social affairs.
27 Patriarchy causes problems, too: Mr Goyal says his manpower woes would be over if he could hire more women, but Rajasthani females are discouraged from working outside the home.
28 China is a Confucian society, a quixotic combination of top-down patriarchy and bottom-up social mobility.
29 Feminism is a critique of patriarchy which is a system of male authority oppressing women through its social, political, and economic institutions, as well as emancipation to women.
30 Chinese ancient marriage system had come through the historical changes form miscegenation, communal marriage, allelomorph marriage to plural marriage of patriarchy.