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No. sentence
1 As he walked past the tree, an apple dropped from it.
2 And yet the past decade has nibbled away at the cohesion of the West.
3 Then he slowly walked past the house.
4 A large bird flew past us.
5 When he walked past the couple, he raised a thumb and gave the boy a smile, as if they were conspiring comrades; the boy, caught off guard, grinned disarmingly before turning his face away.
6 Quietly he walked towards her, past her, and on towards the heavy oak door.
7 He still feels quite guilty when he look back on the past.
8 story alluded to a mystery in her past.
9 We should often reflect on our past mistakes.
10 The thief expressed penitence for all his past actions.
11 She brushed past me without making any comment.
12 She tried to gloss over her past mistake.
13 She is always bucking about her glorious past.
14 The old man was in a trance, thinking of his past life.
15 A fleecy cloud was drifting past.
16 A bicycle brushed past me in a very rude way.
17 Tom is right old, he often sputters his past.
18 She pushed past me.
19 The President's memoir disinterred a past era.
20 His remarks swelled a past event up in my mind.
21 Hundreds of people filed past the body of the dead leader, to pay their last respects.
22 It's past the appointed time. Maybe he isn't coming.
23 Nick went zooming past in his new car.
24 The car raised quite a dust as it drove past.
25 Tell me something about yourself and your past.
26 How does it stand towards my past?
27 Why should I drop my past?
28 Your character is already a part of the world around them; they have friends, enemies, and a past.
29 For date fields, you can also specify whether the date should be past or future as used above.
30 You have to show them that despite your past career path, you are well suited for this new career.