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No. sentence
1 He betrayed his party and country.
2 The party seemed to switch her off.
3 Tom circled about the girl at the party, waiting for a chance to talk to her.
4 There was now employment for the whole party; for though they could not all talk, they could all eat; and the beautiful pyramids of grapes, nectarines, and peaches soon collected them round the table.
5 We must rally the broad masses of the people round the Party.
6 Most members of parliament from the banned party have regrouped under another banner and they, along with coalition partners, still hold a majority of seats.
7 He will drive you back after the dancing party.
8 They met at the party.
9 After the party, we slept together in the sitting room.
10 Gray worked for him in the early months of his campaign for some time, then became disillusioned, freaked out and joined another party.
11 Each girl in the party was paired off with a boy.
12 The party depends on whether or not we can collect enough money.
13 It was the only party to launch a serious election campaign in the violent region.
14 Identity Provider or IdP based on a request of some sort from a relying party A.K.A. Service Provider or SP.
15 The whole party will cling to their leader very determinedly.
16 Now I've found it harder to agree with the policies of any one party.
17 politicians jockeyed about in order to establish relative power within the party.
18 Our military ties threaten no third party.
19 This gives the incumbent party a huge advantage, but it also ensures that the LDP remains a party of patronage more than of policy.
20 But each gang has the patronage of a mainstream political party, in a fight that exploded in 2008 when an election was held to end Pakistan's latest period of military rule.
21 He's stocking up with wine and brandy for the party tonight.
22 By the time I got home they had frayed so much they resembled two small sheep, but I wore them faithfully for two months until I had to scrub up for a party in Venice.
23 Two friends were at a party held at the mansion of a billionaire.
24 Diplomat's daughter, 17-year-old Hsiao Chou took leave from the army to accompany the author's party to Fanch 'eng.
25 She refused his invitation to the tea party.
26 He livened up the party by telling a joke.
27 He devoted much of his talk to plugging for the party candidate.
28 The crowd was parted right and left to make way for the party.
29 Japanese tea lovers are staging the world's largest tea party and Kuwait is offering the world's largest cheque.
30 Over the past weeks a series of compromising videos posted online has forced the resignation of ten senior members of the far-right Nationalist Action Party (MHP).